Sheffield Steel: Wilson Benesch within the fabric of the regions high-tech regeneration

The new Research & Development Facility will allow Wilson Benesch to accelerate it's loudspeaker and analogue replay system product development and SMART Funded Research programThis week the Audiobeat published an in depth company report entitled, Sheffield Steel: Why History Matters for Wilson Benesch. The report follows Roy Gregory’s visit to Wilson Benesch at the close of 2013 and brings you the reader, closer to Wilson Benesch’s design, manufacturing and production facilities both inside and outside of the company’s main headquarters.

Wilson Benesch - Endeavour - Square Five -Cardinal - Loudspeaker - Advanced - Manufacturing - Park - Sheffield - British

During his time in Sheffield Roy toured the company’s headquarters, seeing first hand the manufacture of Cardinal and Square Five components on our fleet of CNC machines, followed by the production of various loudspeakers and turntables by a team of highly trained craftsmen. The visit to the Wilson Benesch headquarters was closed with an introduction to the engineering team and a demonstration of the power of 3D parametric design packages that have been used to develop the Cardinal, the Square Five and the new Endeavour loudspeakers. The tour illustrated the closed loop that now exists within Wilson Benesch from concept to design, into manufacturing and production.

virtually every element in the speaker (Cardinal), from the cabinet and drivers to the spikes and terminals, is manufactured in-house, giving the company complete control of form, function, consistency and tolerance.

Roy Gregory,, June, 2014

Following the visit to our headquarters Roy was then taken to both the Sheffield University and the Advanced Manufacturing Park. Both institutions are examples of the many centres of engineering excellence that now pertain within the City. These have been born from the regeneration of Sheffield following the collapse of the traditional steel and coal industries upon which the city was built. This regeneration has and continues to be funded by government grants made available to promote new high-tech manufacturing initiatives in the late 1980s. One such grant was the DTi grant which Wilson Benesch were awarded to develop the original Wilson Benesch Turntable in 1990.

The city was, quite literally, the blast-furnace and crucible of Britain’s industrial revolution, the heart of the steel industry and a major coal field to boot… as the high-technology manufacturing field has expanded in Sheffield, Wilson Benesch have become an integral part of the sector, benefiting from further research grants and more importantly, an expanding network of partners when it comes to manufacturing innovation.

Roy Gregory,, June, 2014

The new Research & Development Facility will allow Wilson Benesch to accelerate it's loudspeaker and analogue replay system product development and SMART Funded Research program

Wilson Benesch have always collaborated closely with some of the greatest minds in engineering and design to develop unique products. The Sheffield University have worked closely with Wilson Benesch on a multitude of technologies including the Semisphere Tweeter. The University has now made significant investments within the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP). Over the past decade the AMP has become one of Europe’s most important centres for Advanced Manufacturing Research and Development. It is why Boeing and Rolls Royce now operate dedicated R&D centres on the site and also why, as one of the UKs leading specialists in high-technology manufacturing, Wilson Benesch have chosen the site for our new R&D facility.

Looking at the physical reality of the Cardinal or the Square Five, assessing the materials, engineering and technology involved and the price being asked for the finished products (not to mention the performance they each deliver) it is impossible to escape the conclusion that those products that offer comparable levels of engineering integrity and completeness of design either come from companies that are many times the size of Wilson Benesch and/or cost much more than the Cardinal or Square Five.

Roy Gregory,, June, 2014

Drawing a vivid image of the design and manufacturing processes within Wilson Benesch and South Yorkshire, the report also successfully illustrates the high value and integrity which exists within the Wilson Benesch product line. Products such as the Cardinal and Endeavour are unique and could not exist were it not for the huge investment in the Wilson Benesch’s infrastructure that has taken place over the past 25-years. We’d encourage you to read the report for yourself.

The full unedited Audiobeat report can be read here.

Christina, Craig and all the Team at Wilson Benesch would like to thank the and Roy Gregory for taking the time to visit Wilson Benesch and of course for the excellent report.

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Square Five ranks in the Top 5 Loudspeakers with Haute Fidelite

Wilson Benesch - Square Five - Loudspeaker - Haute Fidelite - France - 2014Following the strong Square Five review in Haute Fidelite back in April. The highly respected French journal has awarded the Square Five loudspeaker 5th place in its ‘Top 50 Products Awards List’.

Dominque Mafrand wrote an excellent piece on the Square Five which followed with a month long Square Five presentation in the Maison Devialet in Central Paris in May.

Under its elegant wood exterior… is a genuine festival of technology… On this day, in this product category, the performance of the Square Five sits with speakers that are twice the price…

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite, April 2014

The award was accompanied by double page article about the Square Five which can be viewed here.

You can also read Dominique Mafrand’s full unedited French review of the Square Five here.
Or the English translation here.

To arrange a personal demonstration of the Square Five loudspeaker in France you can contact our exclusive importer in France, JFF Diffusion.

JFF Diffusion
133 Chemin de Crepieux – Lot 33
Tel: +33 (0) 9 52 57 23 60
Fax : +33(0) 457 74 79 43

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Wilson Benesch announce new South Korean Distributor

Wilson Benesch - Design - and - Audio - Cardinal - Distribution - South - Korea - Loudspeakers - Turntables

Official Press Release
It is with immense pleasure that Wilson Benesch can reveal the news that in May 2014 Design & Audio became the official new distribution partners for Wilson Benesch Ltd. in South Korea. Based in Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Design & Audio have a wealth of resources and professionalism, to offer our customers in South Korea the British high end audio experience that the brand demands.

Following the official launch of the new partnership at the Seoul High End in the final days of April, Design & Audio have since completed impressive dedicated launches of the Square Five and the Cardinal loudspeakers.

There are a number of other events already planned in future. Wilson Benesch Directors, Craig Milnes and Christina Milnes are expected to attend an exhibition in Seoul later this year which will provide customers with the opportunity to meet with them directly.

Wilson Benesch have maintained a regularly updated website for many years now. As ever those wishing to follow the brand and the developments in the South Korean market can remain informed via our website at, further news directly from South Korea can be found on the Design & Audio’s comprehensive website at

Wilson Benesch - Design - and - Audio - Cardinal - Distribution - South - Korea - Loudspeakers - Turntables

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Hong Kong High End Show 2014

Wilson Benesch - Endeavour Loudspeaker - Launch - Hong Kong High End 2014 - Forthwise Ltd - China - Macau - Hong KongFollowing the European launch of the Endeavour at the Munich High End in May, Wilson Benesch can confirm that the very first South East Asian live demonstration of the Endeavour loudspeakers will take place the Hong Kong High End Show in August.

The Hong Kong High End marks a year since Forthwise Ltd. were announced as the official distribution partners for Wilson Benesch in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau. In the 12-months since, the Wilson Benesch brand has been set alight in the territory, with huge success across the range. The Cardinal flagship has been especially well received and took the ‘Prestige Award’ in Super AV Magazine at the turn of the year.

Details of the exact system setup have not yet emerged but we will keep this blog updated to share more details as they emerge.

Learn more about the Endeavour on our product page.

Date: Friday 8th August – Sunday 10th August 2014
Location: Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Ling Zhi Hall
Room S222

Wilson Benesch - Endeavour - Loudspeakers - High End Audio - Carbon Fiber - Hong Kong Audio Show 2014

For further information please contact Forthwise Ltd.

Forthwise Ltd
6 / F, 1 Duddell Street
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2868 9993
Fax: +852 2525 2380

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Engines of Ingeniuty No 6. Captain Cook

Wilson Benesch: Engines of Ingenuity, Captain James Cook and The HMS Endeavour

250-Years ago a Yorkshireman called James Cook, came together with a timepiece based upon another Yorkshireman’s life’s work, that of John Harrison (See previous Engines of Ingenuity no.3) Harrison had solved the problem of the age, the Longitude Problem. It was from a small village on the East coast of Yorkshire that Endeavour was launched, coincidentally 250-Years ago this June.

Driven by The Transit of Venus
It was known that if the planet Venus could be observed at the same time from different places as it passed across the face of the sun, it should be possible to calculate inter-planetary distances. Some 250-years ago it was well understood that a ‘transit’ would take place in 1769.

The Admiralty decided to dispatch a ship with members of the Royal Society to observe the transit from Tahiti. It was also believed that there was a ‘Great Southern Continent’ to balance the great land masses of the North. After observing the transit, the ship was to sail South and search for the Southern Continent.

Cook was chosen to lead the expedition. He was offered the command of the Endeavour and promoted lieutenant. He was very familiar with the type of vessel chosen by the Admiralty. The Endeavour, a Whitby-built collier, solidly constructed, flat-bottomed and therefore easy to beach and repair, capacious and able to carry many provisions. The ship could also be managed by a small crew if necessary. Cook is quoted as saying of Endeavour, “a better ship for such service I never could wish for.”

Today numerous locations and features on the world map can be seen to bear the names that were assigned during these epic voyages. His seamanship, superior surveying and cartographic skills as well as dogged determination and physical courage were matched by his ability to lead men in the most daunting situations and adverse conditions. None of Cook’s seamen were recorded to have suffered from scurvy, a remarkable feat for the time.

The First Voyage
Round the world, East to West. Observation of the transit of Venus from Tahiti. Circumnavigation and charting of New Zealand. Charting of the East coast of Australia.

The Second Voyage
Round the world, West to East. Probes far South towards Antarctica. First crossing of the Antarctic Circle. Cook became the first man to sail round the world in both directions. He effectively disposed of the notion of a Great Southern Continent in the temperate zone of the Southern Hemisphere.

The Third Voyage
Further exploration of the Pacific Ocean, and search for the North West passage from its Eastern end through the Bering Strait.

Cook’s voyages led to the founding of two modern nations, Australia and New Zealand.

Cook was killed in Hawaii in a fight with Hawaiians during his third exploratory voyage in the Pacific in 1779. He left a legacy of scientific and geographical knowledge which was to influence his successors well into the 20th-century and numerous memoria worldwide have been dedicated to him.

For further information about Cook Country click here

For the Captain Cook Museum click here

The routes of Captain James Cook’s voyages. The first voyage is shown in red, second voyage in green, and third voyage in blue. The route of Cook’s crew following his death is shown as a dashed blue line.
Wilson Benesch Engines of Ingenuity Captain James Cook HMS Endeavour global passing

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Endeavour sails into the distance with stunning debut

The Endeavour loudspeaker & Circle 25 Turntable on demonstration in global premier at Munich High End 2014It’s difficult to start a report about the launch of Wilson Benesch’s new loudspeaker without some nautical reference or pun, so we went right ahead and did it in the title (warning more puns ‘ahead’).

With the Endeavour now safely back in the UK and reinstalled in our Advanced Manufacturing Research facility, partnered by the CH Precision electronics and the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable we’ve finally had a moment to sit down and share with you a little part of our Munich High End Show 2014.

Following the success of last years Cardinal exhibit, this year Wilson Benesch returned to the luxurious surrounds of the Kempinski Vier Jahrezseiten for the launch of the Endeavour loudspeaker. Despite the 20-minute journey to the heart of Munich, clients and journalists arrived in number. Much like the Cardinal, the sound of the Endeavour is incredibly natural and open. The soundstage is deep and the sense of scale which the speakers produce belie its size. There is a wonderful sense of integration which you get with monitors owing to the proximity of the drive units and the tight bass produced by the Isobaric Drive. The response to the Endeavour, the system setup and the environment was without exception very positive. The Kempinski exhibit offered clients the opportunity to take five and really indulge in a high end audio system away from what is a rather overwhelming MOC Exhibit.

Wilson Benesch - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Munich - High - End - 2014 - British Innovation - EngineeringThe Endeavour has been a huge hit with our partners around the globe, indeed the demonstration pair barely made it beyond the Kempinski room before Robert Wan (pictured left) of Forthwise Hong Kong and Raphael Pasche of CH Precision Switzerland sabotaged the shipping crates by scrawling “Hong Kong”, followed by a neat line from Raph who redirected to “Switzerland”. The Square Five meanwhile remain in Germany with a new owner, who snapped up the stunning white gloss demonstration pair from the show.

The image to the left sets the tone for the exhibition. With acclaim and demand for Wilson Benesch product from all quarters of the globe. The Munich High End 2014 has been on all fronts and by any measure a huge success for Wilson Benesch.

As Wilson Benesch celebrates its 25th Anniversary, 2014 has been a prolific year thus far for new product. And so this year Wilson Benesch exhibited at both the Kempinski and the MOC Messe, where in collaboration with fledgling company MiZiK, Wilson Benesch presented the Square Five, Circle 25 and A.C.T. 25 Tonearm.

Square Five - Circle 25 - A.C.T. 25 Tonearm - MiZiK - dPlay - dVin - dStream - Munich High End 2014

The Square Five already has a proven track record following some excellent press in 2014, but the results when partnered an Audionet AMP 1 V2 and the highly innovative and very affordable MiZiK dPlay, dVin and dStream were quite astonishing. Many customers commented that the room was in fact the finest sound at the exhibition. We’ll let you share your own thoughts and comments on the system via our facebook and twitter account.

Running two exhibitions was always going to be a huge logistical challenge, but we couldn’t be happier with the results of what has been a highly rewarding and exhilarating Munich High End 2014.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners who joined us in making this exhibit possible, CH Precision and MiZiK. Furthermore we’d like to make a special thanks to all those who attended and of course to the show organisers who have now established what we would consider the finest high end audio exhibit worldwide.

We hope you enjoyed it – See you next year!

Here’s our slideshow of images taken over the weekend, just click to open the window.
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable and Square Five Loudspeaker at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2014

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Square Five; In residence at Maison Devialet

Wilson Benesch Square Five Loudspeaker partners with Devialet 170 for a month in residence in the Parisienne flagship store, Maison Devialet

Following Dominique Mafrand’s excellent review of the Square Five Loudspeaker, Wilson Benesch French distribution partners, JFF Diffusion have teamed up with Devialet to bring you ‘A Month in Residence; The Square Five and Devialet 170′.

The Square Five is being widely recognised by reviewers in all quarts for its sonic performance, offering a level of performance normally reserved for designs with a price tag twice that of the Square Five.

Under its elegant wood exterior… is a genuine festival of technology… On this day, in this product category, the performance of the Square Five sits with speakers that are twice the price…

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite, April 2014

In what promises to be a stunning presentation, the Square Five will take centre stage with the highly regarded Devialet 170 in one of the leading European centres for High End; the Maison Devialet.

The presentation is an open public exhibition for the month of May. For further information please see below.

Date: May 2014
Location: Maison Devialet, 126 rue Réaumur, 75002, Paris, France

Visit La Maison Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 19:00 and by appointment.

For further information or to make an appointment, call 01 44 88 27 26

Wilson Benesch Square Five Loudspeaker partners with Devialet 170 for a month in residence in the Parisienne flagship store, Maison Devialet

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Munich High End 2014: Square Five & Circle 25

Wilson Benesch celebrate 25th Silver Anniversary at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show with the Circle 25 Turntable & Square Five Loudspeaker

At the turn of 2014, Wilson Benesch entered into it’s 25th year as a high end audio design and manufacturing company. We promised 2014 would be a ‘special’ year for the company with celebratory product releases and events to mark what is a wonderful achievement in the companies long history.

This May the celebrations continue with two live exhibitions as well as a large static presentation at the world’s premier audio exhibition, the Munich High End. Wilson Benesch will have live demonstrations of three new products which have made waves in 2014 for the company; the Square Five, the Endeavour and the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and associated A.C.T. 25 Tonearm.

Following the announcement that Wilson Benesch will conduct the European launch of its new Endeavour loudspeaker in the luxurious Hotel Vier Kempinski Jahreszeiten. We are now delighted to share the news of a second exhibition at the MOC Messe. This exhibition will feature live demonstrations of the Square Five and the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and the new A.C.T.25 Tonearm.

Wilson Benesch - Turntable - A.C.T.One Tonearm - Strong Carbon Fibre - British Innovation - Engineering - Legacy - 2013 - Analogue CollectionIn a collaborative exhibit, Wilson Benesch will partner with newly formed company MiZiK. Based in Madrid, the company have just announced the highly innovative MiZiK All-Source Analogue and Digital Control Solution. The product is the work of electronics engineer Javier Guadalajara. In today’s issue of HIFI+, Alan Sircom states “MiZiK is a game-changing digital concept. It is a true paradigm shift in audio”.

Wilson Benesch and MiZiK will be demonstrating the Square Five, Circle 25, A.C.T.25 Tonearm and the MiZiK dVin, dPlay and DStream in Room E117, Atrium 4.1. See the image and (expand by clicking) below to find exactly where you can find us.

Date: Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th May 2014
Location: Munich High End 2014, MOC Messe, Munich, Germany

System Setup
Wilson Benesch Square Five Loudspeakers
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable
Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 25 Toneram
Wilson Benesch Ply Cartridge

dVin – Phono-stage, A to D
dPlay – DAPre, D to A
dStream – Network Streamer/Server

Audionet AMP I V2 Power Amp
47 Labs Flatfish CD Transport

Nordost Frey 2 Interconnects
Nordost Frey 2 Speaker Cables
Nordost Frey 2 Power Cords
Nordost Blue Heaven HDMI
Nordost Power Distribution: QRT, QB8 and QX4

Wilson Benesch celebrate 25th Silver Anniversary at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show with the Circle 25 Turntable & Square Five Loudspeaker

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