Square Five; In residence at Maison Devialet

Wilson Benesch Square Five Loudspeaker partners with Devialet 170 for a month in residence in the Parisienne flagship store, Maison Devialet

Following Dominique Mafrand’s excellent review of the Square Five Loudspeaker, Wilson Benesch French distribution partners, JFF Diffusion have teamed up with Devialet to bring you ‘A Month in Residence; The Square Five and Devialet 170′.

The Square Five is being widely recognised by reviewers in all quarts for its sonic performance, offering a level of performance normally reserved for designs with a price tag twice that of the Square Five.

Under its elegant wood exterior… is a genuine festival of technology… On this day, in this product category, the performance of the Square Five sits with speakers that are twice the price…

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite, April 2014

In what promises to be a stunning presentation, the Square Five will take centre stage with the highly regarded Devialet 170 in one of the leading European centres for High End; the Maison Devialet.

The presentation is an open public exhibition for the month of May. For further information please see below.

Date: May 2014
Location: Maison Devialet, 126 rue Réaumur, 75002, Paris, France

Visit La Maison Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 19:00 and by appointment.

For further information or to make an appointment, call 01 44 88 27 26

Wilson Benesch Square Five Loudspeaker partners with Devialet 170 for a month in residence in the Parisienne flagship store, Maison Devialet

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Munich High End 2014: Square Five & Circle 25

Wilson Benesch celebrate 25th Silver Anniversary at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show with the Circle 25 Turntable & Square Five Loudspeaker

At the turn of 2014, Wilson Benesch entered into it’s 25th year as a high end audio design and manufacturing company. We promised 2014 would be a ‘special’ year for the company with celebratory product releases and events to mark what is a wonderful achievement in the companies long history.

This May the celebrations continue with two live exhibitions as well as a large static presentation at the world’s premier audio exhibition, the Munich High End. Wilson Benesch will have live demonstrations of three new products which have made waves in 2014 for the company; the Square Five, the Endeavour and the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and associated A.C.T. 25 Tonearm.

Following the announcement that Wilson Benesch will conduct the European launch of its new Endeavour loudspeaker in the luxurious Hotel Vier Kempinski Jahreszeiten. We are now delighted to share the news of a second exhibition at the MOC Messe. This exhibition will feature live demonstrations of the Square Five and the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and the new A.C.T.25 Tonearm.

Wilson Benesch - Turntable - A.C.T.One Tonearm - Strong Carbon Fibre - British Innovation - Engineering - Legacy - 2013 - Analogue CollectionIn a collaborative exhibit, Wilson Benesch will partner with newly formed company MiZiK. Based in Madrid, the company have just announced the highly innovative MiZiK All-Source Analogue and Digital Control Solution. The product is the work of electronics engineer Javier Guadalajara. In today’s issue of HIFI+, Alan Sircom states “MiZiK is a game-changing digital concept. It is a true paradigm shift in audio”.

Wilson Benesch and MiZiK will be demonstrating the Square Five, Circle 25, A.C.T.25 Tonearm and the MiZiK dVin, dPlay and DStream in Room E117, Atrium 4.1. See the image and (expand by clicking) below to find exactly where you can find us.

Date: Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th May 2014
Location: Munich High End 2014, MOC Messe, Munich, Germany

System Setup
Wilson Benesch Square Five Loudspeakers
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable
Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 25 Toneram
Wilson Benesch Ply Cartridge

dVin – Phono-stage, A to D
dPlay – DAPre, D to A
dStream – Network Streamer/Server

Audionet AMP I V2 Power Amp
47 Labs Flatfish CD Transport

Nordost Frey 2 Interconnects
Nordost Frey 2 Speaker Cables
Nordost Frey 2 Power Cords
Nordost Blue Heaven HDMI
Nordost Power Distribution: QRT, QB8 and QX4

Wilson Benesch celebrate 25th Silver Anniversary at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show with the Circle 25 Turntable & Square Five Loudspeaker

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Square Series II, Square Five Review, Haute Fidelite

Dominique Mafrand awards Wilson Benesch Square Five loudspeaker 'Reference'

Square Five hits a Hat-Trick in 2014 with Haute Fidelite
Following in the trail blazed by Roy Gregory and Alan Sircom, Dominique Mafrand of French audio journal Haute Fidelite has just penned another stunning review of the Square Five, awarding the loudspeaker ‘Reference’ in the process.

The Wilson Benesch Square Five speakers fall into a group of the best speakers we’ve tested to date.

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite, April 2014

In what amounts to the third stunning review in the first half of 2014, and now with a ‘Reference’ award to boot, there is no doubt that the Square Five has been received very well by press around the globe. Mafrand goes on reaffirm the sentiment of Gregory and Sircom by stating,

Under its elegant wood exterior… is a genuine festival of technology… On this day, in this product category, the performance of the Square Five sits with speakers that are twice the price…

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite, April 2014

The Square Five will be on live demonstration at the Munich High End 2014 in a collaborative exhibition with MiZiK and their newly released and highly regarded MiZiK All-Source Analogue and Digital Control Solution.

The exhibition will take place at the MOC Messe in Room E117 Atrium 4 – details of the event will be announced in full tomorrow – May 1st.

You can read the full unedited French review of the Square Five here.
Or the English translation here.

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Munich High End 2014: Endeavour Loudspeaker Kempinski Hotel

wilson-benesch-munich-high-end-2014-kempinski-hotel-maximilianstasse-endeavour-loudspeaker-germanyThe Endeavour Loudspeaker will make its Global Premier at the Munich High End 2014

The location for a high end audio exhibition is every bit as important as the product. For this reason, for the second year running Wilson Benesch have chose one of Europe’s finest Hotels for the European launch of its latest cutting edge loudspeaker technology; The Endeavour.

Wilson Benesch officially announced the Endeavour last month via a full press release and the new Endeavour product page which you can view here.

In the 2-weeks since its announcement, the Endeavour Loudspeaker has generated a detectable buzz across the press and followers of the Wilson Benesch brand in all corners of the globe. In particular the promotional film announced on Wilson Benesch TV has caused quite a stir.

Positioned right at the heart of Munich on Maximilianstrasse and flanked by Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Cartier, the district is a centre for art and high fashion, making the Kempinski an auspicious setting for the launch of a luxury high end loudspeaker.

Wilson Benesch will again collaborate with leading Swiss Electronic Engineers CH Precision, in what has now become an officially recognised Anglo-Swiss partnership. Building upon the foundations laid last year with the Cardinal – A1 / D1 / C1 partnership, CH Precision have now been announced as Wilson Benesch’s distribution partner in Switzerland. Anyone with a keen eye for detail will have also noted that Wilson Benesch have installed CH Precision Electronics in our R&D Facility and have now become the official UK Distributor for CH Precision.

The CH Precision portfolio includes designs that deliver Silver Disc Replay, Digital to Analogue Conversion as well as equally superb Amplification. In the true spirit of Engineering, Wilson Benesch and CH Precision will design the Endeavour – A1 system architecture to fully optimise the system in terms of local feedback, meeting the requirements of different drive units. This unique design feature of the A1 Amplifiers, allows the user to take full advantage of the Endeavour and indeed the Cardinal’s elemental design. The synergy and immediacy of these systems is a landmark development that represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of audio reproduction.

You can read an excellent review of the CH Precision A1-D1-C1 Electronics and a company report by selecting the links below.
CH Precision A1-D1-C1
CH Precision Company Report

Join Wilson Benesch and CH Precision on our voyage into State of the Art Audio at the the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten, Munich.

This is a public event, free entry.

For all Press and VIP meeting requests please contact Luke Milnes –

Date: Thursday 15th May ~ Saturday 17th May 2014
Time: Thursday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00
Saturday 10.00 – 17.00
Location: Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski
Salon Europa
Maximilianstrasse 17
80539 Munich, Germany


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Square Series II, Square Five Review, HIFI+ 2014

Alan Sircom 'highly recommends' Wilson Benesch's new Square Five, 2014

As anticipation builds for the Munich High End 2014; Europe’s finest and indeed one of the world’s leading high end audio exhibits. Wilson Benesch are thrilled to share the latest Square Five review from the UK’s leading HIFI Journal, HIFI+.

Launching in London in September 2013, taking centre stage at the Bristol Sound & Vision in February and highly regarded in Roy Gregory’s review in January, the Square Five has leapt from the blocks and into the conscience of audiophiles across the globe.

As we reach the first third of 2014, the momentum behind the Square Series II flagship is unrelenting and we can now share the thoughts and opinions of the highly respected Editor-In-Chief at HIFI+, Alan Sircom.

Genuine seekers of musical truth will look at the Square Five as an honest way of extracting £20,000 or even £25,000 loudspeaker performance without the five-figure price tag… Put simply, it’s the Cardinal for us mortals

Alan Sircom, HIFI+, March 2014

You can read the full unedited review of the Square Five here.

The Square Five and new Circle 25 Turntable will be on live demonstration at the Munich High End 2014 at the M.O.C. Messe. Further details will follow.

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Fidelity AV Cardinal Review

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal Loudspeaker - Geometry Series - Fidelity AV Magazine - Review- 2014- Manufacturing - Carbon Fiber - Advanced - CompositeFidelity Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Cai Brockmann bestows Cardinal with knockout German Review

Having made its official European bow at last years Munich High End in Germany, the Wilson Benesch Cardinal has marched across the globe, leaving audiences with no question about the credentials of its design, the beauty of its form and its highly impressive sound.

Following excellent press in China, where the Cardinal took the “Prestige Award” in the best floorstanding loudspeaker category in Super AV Magazine, the Cardinal then stole away with an impressive review in Japan. All this following, back-to-back excellent reviews in the UK press in 2013.

Of all the great and grand speakers, on this earth, the Wilson Benesch is possibly the most beautiful. The awe-inspiring price here comes with awe-inspiring performance and a sensational dynamics

Cai Brockmann, Chief Editor, Fidelity Magazine, 2014

There can be no doubt as to the popularity of the Cardinal with the HIFI press. We’re now delighted to share with you the next installment of Cardinal press. Fidelity Magazine is Germany’s newest HIFI Journal. Chief Editior Cai Brockmann is well known and highly respected in Germany. Germany is well known for its appreciation of quality, well built product; its HIFI market has long been regarded as one of the leading markets in the world and a shop window for other markets globally.

Behind the name Wilson Benesch is serious engineering knowledge, each component in the design is typical of Wilson Benesch, all made with purpose and intent. Research at Wilson Benesch is complete to the most minute detail.

Cai Brockmann, Chief Editor, Fidelity Magazine, 2014

We’d like to thank our German distribution partners taurus high end and of course a special thanks to Cai Brockmann and the Fidelity AV team.

You can read the full-unedited German review here.
Or you can read the translated English review here.

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Bright Future for British Engineering

The Financial Times has concluded its report on the Advanced Manufacturing Park. Following our report entitled “Design & Manufacturing: A story of High Risk and Innovation” here is a short film that provides a little more information about the Advanced Manufacturing Park, some of the work our neighbors are doing and the Research & Development work that Wilson Benesch are carrying out within the Technology Center.

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Square One Loudspeaker at Bari High End, Italy

Wilson Benesch distributor Mad For Music SAS made an impressive demonstration of the Square Series II, Square One Loudspeakers and the Torus Infrasonic Generator at last weeks Bari High End Exhibition.

The presentation follows a series of demonstrations using the Wilson Benesch Square Series II and the Geometry Series with the Devialet 110, 170 and the 240 at the heart of a very streamline stylish high end audio solution. For users seeking a compact high end solution, the Devialet 170 driving a pair of standmounted speakers, such as the Vertex or Square One coupled with the Torus Infrasonic generator (plus associated amplifier) is an attractive package.

Here’s a collection of images from the demonstration.
Wilson Benesch Square One with the Devialet 170 at the Bari High End 2014

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Bristol Sound & Vision Show Report 2014

The Wilson Benesch square Five and Circle 25 Turntable on demonstration to a full crowd at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2014
The curtain has fallen and the dust has settled after another Bristol Sound & Vision Show

The 2014 Edition was a big year for Wilson Benesch; It was our 15th year in the conservatory or ‘Wilson Benesch Glass House’. Wilson Benesch was founded in 1989, so this years show would be the start of our 25th ‘Silver’ Anniversary celebrations. We had some big plans for marking the event and below is a little insight into what we did this time around.

The Square Five made is official UK Exhibition bow. Set against an all black, sound treated backdrop, the monolithic white gloss Square Fives imposed themselves on the bustling, busy glass house over the course of the weekend. Partnering the Square Fives was the all new Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable.

The Circle 25 Turntable proved to be hugely popular with both men and women alike, its striking white modern forms attracted a lot of camera lenses over the weekend. The vinyl cut of Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys Live (pictured spinning below) was simply mesmerising and was a firm favorite over the three days.

Supporting the Square Five and Circle 25 was a full Audionet system, partnered with an all Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus loom. The Audionet electronics amounted to the excellent AMP I V2 Power Amplifier, the Pre I G3, PAM G3 Phono Stage, EPS Power, VIP G2 CD and DNC Network Player and DAC. The system allowed for huge versatility within the setup catering for all format preferences. But the result was the same everytime; wide open and coherent soundstaging, the punchy dynamics associated with all WB loudspeakers and an ethereal midrange that sounded spookily life like and present.

In addition to the main presentation, on static display was the Geometry Series; including the Cardinal Flagship Loudspeaker which has informed so much about the Square Five design and the Vertex and Vector. We also wheeled out the A.C.T. Legacy Range, which featured every A.C.T. Loudspeaker Wilson Benesch has ever built, from A.C.T. One to the current A.C.T. C60.

We had some wonderful feedback over the weekend, about products past and present. The Bristol Show is always a real pleasure for all concerned at Wilson Benesch. Its an opportunity to give back a little to all of those out there who have invested in our designs and share our passion for high end audio reproduction.

We’d like to thank Tony Revelle, Jerry Lewin, Phil Patterson and all the team at Audio T who make the Bristol Sound & Vision possible. And finally to all of you who participated in the event and came to see us.

See you next time,

All the Team at Wilson Benesch!

Here’s our slideshow of images taken over the weekend, just click to open the window.
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable and Square Five Loudspeaker at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2014

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