A Journey Through Audio Excellence: Nirvana Sound visit Falcon House

George Moraitis Visits Wilson Benesch: A Journey Through Audio Excellence
Wilson Benesch recently had the pleasure of welcoming George Moraitis, the co-founder of Nirvana Sound, the official Australian distributor for Wilson Benesch. George brings a wealth of experience in the audio industry, passionately advocating for the quality of craftsmanship and performance of Wilson Benesch products, but also for the broader experience and value of sound and music. Nirvana Sound’s recent video on the Discovery 3zero loudspeaker showcases very well the unique features of this classic Wilson Benesch design  and gives a sense of George’s passion and knowledge of sound and engineering. 
A Tour of Modern Manufacturing: The Wilson Benesch Factory ‘Falcon House’
George’s visit came right after the Munich HIGH END Show, offering a perfect opportunity to explore the intricate production processes at Falcon House, our 21,000 square foot factory in Northern Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Experiencing firsthand the components and raw materials used in Wilson Benesch products allows for a deeper understanding of the craftsmanship, fit and finish that defines the Wilson Benesch product lines and brand.
Exploring Advanced Manufacturing
During his tour, George explored various sections of our factory:
•CNC Suite: Witnessing state-of-the-art precision CNC machining centres creating poly-alloy components exclusively for our products. In addition George was able to see the transfer of highly detailed three-dimensional digital CAD drawings, into CAM programmes with tens of thousands of lines of code and in turn the complex components that the CNCs then create from solid billets of metal. 
•Carbon and Biocomposites Production Suites: Learning about the innovative use of materials technology and their applications. Wilson Benesch pioneered the use of carbon fibre composites within tonearm and loudspeaker design in the audio industry. Today it incorporates not only carbon fibre composite manufacturing centres, but also the latest innovations within composite materials technology thanks to the companies work in biocomposite materials technology through the SSUCHY Project.
•Additive Manufacturing Suite: Seeing components such as the Fibonacci element and Labyrinth Enclosure in the latest Wilson Benesch drive unit technologies  come to life through additive manufacturing technologies. 
This visit provided George with a comprehensive view of how our products are meticulously crafted before being shipped to audiophiles around the globe.
Collaborative Research & Development: The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
George also joined our directors on a visit to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), guided by George Robinson, a former Wilson Benesch employee. Our collaboration with the AMRC, dating back to its foundation in 2004, has been instrumental in product development through the past two-decades. The AMRC park, now a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing centre, has expanded to over 150 acres with more than 90 industrial members, including giants like Boeing, Rolls-Royce, McLaren and BAE Systems.
Innovations from AMRC Partnership
Our long-term collaboration with the AMRC and local universities has yielded significant advancements, such as:
•Semisphere Tweeter
•Tactic Drive Unit
•Cardinal Loudspeaker
The latest breakthrough that has in part been borne from collaboration with the AMRC is the GRAVITON-Ti Armwand. Readers can learn more about this development here. Featuring additively manufactured SLS titanium components that could not possibly be developed alone by an SME like Wilson Benesch. The GRAVITON-Ti Arwmand was showcased at the Munich HIGH END and is highlighted in Michael Fremer’s premiere review of the new GMT® One System which will published in The Absolute Sound magazine last weekend. To learn more about this cutting-edge analogue replay system, visit our new product page. Wilson Benesch will share Michael Fremer’s full review of the GMT® One System here on our blog later this month with the unedited PDF from The Absolute Sound. Those eager to read it now can do so via the digital subscription to the magazine here
A Heartfelt Thank You
We extend our sincere thanks to George Moraitis for visiting Sheffield and Falcon House. You can find a collection of images from George’s visit above, capturing moments from Falcon House and the AMRC.
If you are based in Australia or New Zealand and would like to contact Nirvana Sound to learn more about Wilson Benesch products and experience them directly you can contact Nirvana Sound directly via their website.
For any inquiries or to schedule a visit to demonstrate a Wilson Benesch loudspeaker here in England feel free to contact Wilson Benesch directly using this email contact info@wilson-benesch.com.
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