Review: Resolution Loudspeaker

“…Passive Guardians to the Musical Event”

Roy Gregory’s observation of the Resolution in his Global Premiere of the Resolution Loudspeaker that went live on the Audiobeat website yesterday. It is another exceptional review for Wilson Benesch. Another affirmation of the direction and course that Wilson Benesch has taken with its development of the now multi-award winning Geometry Series loudspeaker line.

Roy Gregory

The Audiobeat

“The Wilson Benesch Resolution is a superb loudspeaker… it delivers a level of musical coherence and insight, a balance of the convincing and the communicative, that puts it at the forefront of current loudspeaker performance.”

Launched at the Munich HIGH END in the summer of 2017, the Resolution has been of this earth for just 10-short months. But during this time it has collected high praise from all those that have had the opportunity to sit and listen to it. Jonathan Valin was equally impressed following his listening appraisal in Munich. Interestingly both Jonathan and Roy made similar assertions about the Resolutions stat-like quality, with Roy Gregory writing,

Roy Gregory

The Audiobeat

“It is beautifully engineered from high-tech, high-quality materials… Tonal and temporal coherence are its strengths, its holistic, seamless presentation in some ways more akin to an electrostatic, but a ‘stat with bass and balls.”

“The Resolutions deliver all of that tonal range and subtlety, held within a broad, deep soundstage, with plenty of dimensionality to instruments and clear air between them… the vanishingly low signature of the cabinets allow the speakers to disappear, passive guardians to the musical event.”

Next week Wilson Benesch will unveil the Resolution at ‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show in what will be its first U.K. appearance.


The full unedited PDF of Roy Gregory’s Audiobeat review is here in English.


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