Music is an art form. From sound to silence; a simple, single instrument, to a full orchestra, music is capable of transforming, uplifting and emotionally stirring us like perhaps no other art form. Music is a global language; it transcends age, ethnicity, culture and class. Music has been central to our culture since the dawn of man, spanning our evolution. It is capable of joining us to our ancestors, describing human development, documenting our progress and reflecting perhaps most faithfully the human condition according to time. In every sense it is a collaborative document of humanity that can be transformed, sampled, improvised and referenced according to the generation of the time.

Our mission is to enable access to this art form; revealing every detail, nuance and timbre of the recorded artist through the world’s ultimate, reference audio products. Through an iterative process of design, underpinned by highly ambitious research and development programs, Wilson Benesch puts you closer to the artist than ever before.

Craig Milnes

Design Director, Wilson Benesch

“Wilson Benesch was founded upon an idea that it was possible to improve the existing State-of-the-Art within high end audio product design that existed in that time. A business plan was formed that put pure research, genuine engineering and materials science at the heart of a collaborative design process. This collaborative approach to design was literally forged by the first grant application that was written prior to the name Wilson Benesch even being conceived. That grant application set out a plan to develop a new turntable and tonearm based around carbon fibre composite materials technology that would represent genuine innovation within the high end audio industry, elevating performance and setting a new State-of-the-Art. This materials technology did not exist within any home consumer product designs of the time and was the preserve of F1 and aerospace industries at the time. So in order to innovate our grant application identified the need to collaborate with specialists both within the University sectors and industry of the time. The grant application was successful, the first carbon fibre – nomex composite structures ever seen within high end audio design were conceived and thanks in no small part to engineers who worked on Rolls Royce RB-211 carbon fan blades and a number of other highly specialised consultants, the Wilson Benesch Turntable and A.C.T. One Tonearm were launched in 1990. These products went on to win countless awards globally, but notably in Japan and Germany which were leading high end audio industries of the time where exceptional quality and performance was demanded. Almost 35-years on the principles of innovation, collaboration and pure research within materials science remain firmly at the heart of our ethos and approach to the development of the world’s finest high end audio products today.”

“Today, in the first quarter of the 21-century, Wilson Benesch holds a unique position within the high end audio industry. The business is entirely family owned. All product development and research is conducted and funded purely from the profits of sales on our lines in a global market place. Our engineers, designers and technicians operate with drive, dedication and passion to create products that stand alone within their respective categories. A Wilson Benesch product is immediately distinguished visually, materially and acoustically from anything else in what is an increasingly busy marketplace. 



But not only are our products unique in terms of how we finance their development, they are also unique in terms of how they are manufactured. 95% of our vast inventory of components that create our loudspeakers, turntables, tonearms and hifi furniture are created entirely in house from raw materials. This includes all carbon fibre, biocomposite structures, all aluminium, steel and other metal components and all of our drive unit technologies. This vertical integration of design and manufacturing create the fertile ground for pure innovation and development of the ultimate performance products.”

Christina Milnes

Managing Director, Wilson Benesch