Award: Resolution: Absolute Sound ‘Golden Ear’ Winner

Resolution HIFI High End Floorstanding Loudspeaker Golden Ear Award Absolute Sound USA Winner 2018SHEFFIELD, England, 4th August, 2018 – Wilson Benesch today announces that it has been named a ‘Golden Ear’ Award winner by The Absolute Sound USA for its Resolution floorstanding loudspeaker.

Wilson Benesch’s Resolution loudspeaker was launched in 2017 and has received praise from across the industry, winning a Los Angeles Audio Show ‘Alfie’ the summer of its launch, with Jonathan Valin commenting,

“On a roll lately, Wilson Benesch was debuting the Resolution, a seven-driver three-way (four clamshell-mounted Tactic II woofers, two Tactic II midranges, and a single silk-dome/carbon-fiber tweeter in a monocoque carbon-fiber-composite cabinet). In the first room… the sound was stat-like in its clarity and absence of enclosure coloration… in the second room the sound was… reminiscent of the Rockport Cygnus in the Soulution room—beautiful in color, with superior pace and definition in the low end. Wilson Benesch makes swell loudspeakers.”

The Resolution has since been submitted for review with the Audiobeat’s Roy Gregory who added,

“The Wilson Benesch Resolution is a superb loudspeaker… it delivers a level of musical coherence and insight, a balance of the convincing and the communicative, that puts it at the forefront of current loudspeaker performance.”

The full Absolute Sound review to compliment this award will be available in winter 2018. Until then you can read both the Audiobeat Resolution review and the recently published HIFI+ system review of Resolution with CH Precision.

Resolution Review, The Audiobeat: Read here.
Resolution – CH Precision System Review, HIFI+: Read here.

The Resolution will show at next weekend’s Hong Kong Show, 10-12th August 2018.
Followed by Rocky Mountain Audio Festival, Denver, 5-7th October 2018.

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Resolution - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - HIFI - Music - High End Audio - Absolute Sound - Golden Ear - USA - Award - British

Resolution - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - HIFI - Music - High End Audio - Absolute Sound - Golden Ear - USA - Award - British