AWARD: Discovery 3zero is Lite-Magazin’s ‘Best Pick’

We are thrilled to announce that the Discovery 3zero has been honoured with the ‘Best Picks’ Award 2024 by lite magazine. 


The Discovery is one of Wilson Benesch’s most iconic designs. The first iteration was introduced in 2001 and immediately the unique driver array featuring a tweeter at the acoustic centre of a midrange drive unit and an isobarically loaded woofer on the underside of the standmount caught the attention of the industry.  The Discovery design went on to collect multiple awards through two previous generations and in 2022, Wilson Benesch introduced the third iteration the Discovery 3zero. 


Volker Frech


Wilson Benesch’s Discovery 3zero impresses with superb homogeneity and coherence, outstanding imaging and spatiality, lightning fast dynamics – and offers an amazingly deep, powerful bass with low volume. This is ensured by traditional features such as the identical, relatively small and therefore quick drivers for mids and bass, but also by innovations such as the “A.C.T. 3zero” monocoque, whose complex artwork body has now been realised as a biocomposite cabinet, the isobaric driver system for the bass, the hybrid semisphere tweeter for the treble and, most recently, the Fibonacci elements: These amazing structures, which enclose the tweeter and cover the midrange driver, give the already very attractive floorstanding loudspeaker a visual wow effect and acoustically enhance precision and high-resolution, sound neutrality and dispersion behaviour. As a result, this floor-standing speaker achieves a reproduction of almost immersive power – making listening to music with the Discovery 3zero an elysian discovery.”

The new Discovery 3zero features an entirely reworked enclosure, placing the A.C.T. 3zero biocomposite monocoque at the centre of a compact standmount enclosure where the stand is fully integrated. The Discovery 3zero retains the drive unit array, which is deployed with the latest Tactic 3.0 midrange drive unit, Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybrid Tweeter and Isobaric Drive System. Wilson Benesch remains one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers that has developed all of its drive unit technologies from the ground up, building each with meticulous attention to detail at its factory in Sheffield, England.

We would like to thank Volker Frech for the fantastic report on the Discovery 3zero and in addition the whole team at lite-magazin.de for bestowing this award on our Discovery 3zero loudspeaker.

The full unedited review of the Discovery 3zero here.

To arrange a demonstration of the Discovery 3zero, you can contact Wilson Benesch or the distributor in your country via our ‘Official Authorised Resellers‘ page.