EVENT: The Bristol Show 2024

Wilson Benesch will return to The Bristol Show – the UKs leading audio exhibit – marking the British design and manufacturers 35th Anniversary. In celebration of the occasion, Wilson Benesch will partner with Computer Audio Design (CAD) and Trilogy in a showcase of British high-end audio. Award winning and critically acclaimed, these three esteemed companies unite in a Festival of Sound.


The Discovery 3zero Standmount Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch will primarily focus on the presentation and demonstration of the latest version and third iteration of its iconic standmount, the Discovery 3zero.


The Discovery design was first seen in 2001 and immediately the unique driver array caught the attention of the industry.  Like the original, the latest Fibonacci Series design features this iconic array, placing the tweeter at the acoustic centre of a midrange drive unit and an isobarically loaded woofer on the underside of the Discovery 3zero.


The Discovery design has since collected awards from across the globe and became one of the brands most popular products. In 2024, having just collected the ‘Best Pick’ award in  German hifi journal Litemagzin, Wilson Benesch will demonstrate the all new Discovery 3zero at The Bristol Show. 


The new IGx Infrasonic Generator

In addition to our primary demonstration of the Discovery 3zero loudspeaker, Wilson Benesch will provide attendees with the opportunity to attend two demonstrations each day of its new IGx Infrasonic Generator. Demonstrations will be conducted at 12-noon and 2pm daily.


The IGx Infrasonic Generator redefines the concept of a subwoofer with its unique drive system design. Unlike conventional subwoofers, the IGx employs an innovative push-pull drive system technology that distinguishes it within its category.


Replacing the acclaimed Torus Infrasonic Generator introduced in 2006, the IGx inherits a legacy of excellence. Jonathan Valin’s review in The Absolute Sounds hailed the Torus as a stroke of genius, praising its unique design featuring two magnets and two voice coils driving an 18” carbon fibre diaphragm. This push-pull drive system delivers exceptional power and efficiency, seamlessly integrating with main loudspeaker units.


Similar to the Isobaric Drive System in the Discovery 3zero loudspeaker, the IGx deploys a push-pull motor  design. This diverges from conventional subwoofer designs, eliminating the drive unit basket entirely, replacing this with a large steel core that houses the dual magnets and voice coils. The IGx still uses a spider and suspension system, but these are compliant elements and the control and position of the lightweight carbon fibre diaphragm is instead dictated to by the amplifier. As such the IGx is an extremely efficient design, notable by the relatively modest 500w onboard amplifier.


The IGx’s impact transcends mere bass reinforcement, elevating spatial and timing information across the frequency band, enriching the listener’s experience like never before.



Trilogy are one of the very few British owned, British built manufacturers of fine audio – a true exponent of the virtues of both engineering and musical reproduction. 
Through the tireless pursuit of optimising any design issues a goal of minimum compromise is realised. Established over 30 years ago Trilogy has gained a loyal following all over the world. Founder Nic Poulson’s expertise in power supply, amplification and embracing traditional values of quality is the epitome of a British company built on bold original thinking. In this spirit Trilogy were proud to be an official sponsor of 100 Years of Bentley Motors by the RREC and RROC.
On any Trilogy product you will find aesthetically considered, crafted designs with an elegant user interface. Trilogy amplification is refined to leave only the performance we all seek, vibrant and alive.
Trilogy will launch and debut their new 914 balanced valve preamplifier at The Bristol Show. The Trilogy 994 hybrid monaural 140w power amplifiers  will drive the Discovery 3zero loudspeakers.
Computer Audio Design – CAD
The heart of the digital front end will be provided by British brand Computer Audio Design, with their CAD 1543 DAC MKII. CAD will also provide a gluttony noise defeating ground controls, which the company has become synonymous with globally. The CAD GC1 and GC3 components which won Stereophile’s ‘Accessory of the Year’ in 2020 will be deployed. And in addition CAD will also demonstrate their USB II-R Cable which won ‘Cable of the Year’ in HIFI+ in 2023.
Complimenting the CAD digital front end will be the new Innuos ZENmini MK3. The ZENmini will provide the gateway server for the DAC with its SSD solid-state drives. We will also use the innuOS control application throughout the exhibit to curate our Festival of Sound. 

Festival of Sound – First Floor Conservatory 

As ever Wilson Benesch will demonstrate its systems in the cool and calm space of the first floor conservatory. This space that has become a firm favourite for many audiophiles who spend long periods within the large listening room, with its natural light and open airy feel. Coupled with the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship, innovation, and excellence of Britain’s leading loudspeaker and turntable manufacturer, we look forward to seeing and sharing the Wilson Benesch experience with each of you again this year.



Important things to note, Wilson Benesch will demonstrate their IGx Infrasonic Generator twice daily. Attendees can experience the IGx firsthand through two scheduled presentations of the IGx each day at 12.00am and 2.00pm daily.



For updates during the show please follow Wilson Benesch’s Facebook and Instagram channels (@wilson_benesch).