Has Vinyl Playback Technology Gone As Far As It Can Possibly Go?

The Munich HIGH END rolled through last month and the 2024 edition of the show felt like, and subsequently has been confirmed by visitor count as, a return to form following the challenges presented by the pandemic. With 500 exhibitors, 1,000 brands, and 22,000 visitors, it is a behemoth of a show and the pinnacle of high-end audio exhibits globally.

The Munich HIGH END doesn’t just excel in terms of the quality of the presentations made by leading brands; it also excels in terms of the quality of the organisation by the team that put the exhibit together – the High End Society – and the presentations that are prepared each year on a large professionally lit stage with professional grade video and sound production. This year, the High End Society invited Michael Fremer, the world’s leading turntable, tonearm, and all-things-analogue journalist/critic, to assemble a panel of industry luminaries and experts for a discussion based on the topic, ‘Has Vinyl Playback Technology Gone As Far As It Can Possibly Go?’.

Those of you who read industry-leading publication The Absolute Sound will have already seen and read Michael Fremer’s review of the new Wilson Benesch GMT® One System in this month’s edition of the magazine. As a result of this review, Michael invited Wilson Benesch Design Director, Craig Milnes, to speak on the panel alongside Dohmann Audio’s Mark Dohmann, Ortofon’s Leif Johanssen, and WAM Engineering/WallyTools’ J.R. Boisclair.


The panel joined Michael Fremer on stage and spoke on a wide range of topics in front of a live audience in what was a genuinely fascinating discussion. The High End Society filmed the whole panel discussion, and they have now released this on YouTube for everyone to watch. It is a truly fascinating discussion; even for those who do not listen to vinyl, we highly recommend tuning in.


Michael Fremer’s GMT® One System review is now available in The Absolute Sound magazine. For those who don’t already subscribe, you can read the review immediately via their smart device using the Zinio App here.


You can join the discussion on YouTube or you can also head over to Michael Fremer’s website TrackingAngle.com to join the conversation directly on his comments section here.