Bristol Sound & Vision 2015 Show Report

Wilson Benesch - Square Five - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Circle 25 Turntable - CH Precision - Audionet
Wilson Benesch present to a packed Bristol Sound & Vision 2015
If there was a defining feature of the Bristol Sound & Vision 2015 it would be people. Hundreds upon hundreds of audio enthusiasts packed into the conservatory to see and hear this years presentation, which consisted of two distinctly different systems. One system was based around a floor standing loudspeaker design partnered with German electronics from Audionet and another based around a stand mounted loudspeaker design partnered with Swiss electronics from CH Precision. The feedback from this years show has been better than ever, with one email that arrived reading as follows:

“I’ve been a closet audiophile probably since about the age of five and I’m forty now! I’m also a hobbyist musician. I came across your speakers at the Bristol show recently and thought the demo was incredible… I have to say that’s the closest I’ve ever been (or perceived to be) next to Hendrix. His guitar and amp sounded LIVE, and that’s no exaggeration! Drums sounded amazing too.”

We would like to thank all those who attended and especially those of you who wrote to us online via the forums and email.

Family Sound
Despite the stark difference between the aesthetic appearance and materials employed in the Endeavour and the Square Five loudspeakers, there is of course an unmistakable family sound that is common to all the products in Wilson Benesch’s two main loudspeaker lines. This relates directly to the two iterations of Tactic Drive Technology at the heart of the two product lines.

Of course the quality of the cables and the electronic components at the source is crucial to the end result and this is why Wilson Benesch imports and distributes Audionet and CH Precision in the UK. This combination of products has been carefully selected and fine tuned by Wilson Benesch over decades. We would like to thank Darren Smith, CEO of Clearer Audio Cables, who provided all high-end cabling for this years presentation. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our in Germany at Audionet GmbH and also CH Precision Sarl for designing and building some of the finest source components. A special mention also to Raphael Pasche who attended the Bristol Sound & Vision in support of CH Precision.

Wilson Benesch introduces New Products
Those of you with a keen eye for product development at Wilson Benesch will have noted the introduction of two new products at the Bristol Sound and Vision.

Circle 25 Black Edition
As part of our Analogue Collection display, Wilson Benesch presented a black and a white version of the Circle 25 Turntable. Following the successful introduction of the Circle 25 Turntable at last years event, Wilson Benesch have now extended the range and orders are now being taken on the Circle 25 Black Edition, which features an all black A.C.T. 25 Anniversary Tonearm.

Wilson Benesch - Square Five - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Circle 25 Turntable - CH Precision - Audionet

The Wilson Benesch HIFI Rack
The second new product introduced at the Bristol show, is the stunning new Wilson Benesch rack. Precision machined steel, alloy, polymer and advanced carbon fibre composites combine to create a highly engineered solution for high-end component installation. The solution is near optimal and exploits the advantages of carbon composites and other materials to damp structural borne resonances to industry leading standards. Further details on the the new Wilson Benesch rack will emerge prior to Munich High End in May.

Wilson Benesch - Square Five - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Circle 25 Turntable - CH Precision - Audionet

Final Thanks to all our partners
Thanks to the organisers of the Bristol Sound & Vision, Tony Revelle, Jerry Lewin, Phil Patterson and all the team at Audio T who make the Bristol Sound & Vision possible. And finally to all of you who participated in the event and came to see us.

See you next time,

All the Team at Wilson Benesch!

Please view the slideshow of images below which includes additional images of the new products, just click to open the window.
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable and Square Five Loudspeaker at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2014

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Bristol 2015: Square Five Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch - Square Five Loudspeaker - Square Series II
Wilson Benesch Square Five gives you the “Musical Truth” at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2015
Last year the Square Five Loudspeaker entered the fray, debuting at the Bristol ‘Sound & Vision’, supported by the Alan Sircom’s HIFI+ review in which the Editor-in-Chief proclaimed:

Genuine seekers of the musical truth will look at the Square Five as an honest way of extracting £20,000 or even £25,000 loudspeaker performance without the five-figure price tag… Put simply, it’s the Cardinal for us mortals – Alan Sircom, HIFI+

In many ways, the Square Five has become a very special product for Wilson Benesch. Not only did the design feature trickle-down technologies from our flagship loudspeaker, Cardinal. But also the Square Five was launched during the company’s landmark Silver Jubilee 25th Anniversary year. For these reasons alone it will remain a classic within the Wilson Benesch marquee for many years to come.

But the Square Five design stands out on it’s own merit. With several knockout reviews, collecting the ‘Reference’ award in French publication Haute Fidelite and a strong 5th place in the magazines ‘Top 50 Products Awards List’later in 2014. And then a month long residency in the Devialet signature store in Paris. The Square Five has all the hallmarks of high-quality British design.

Under its elegant wood exterior… is a genuine festival of technology… On this day, in this product category, the performance of the Square Five sits with speakers that are twice the price… – Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite

Wilson Benesch will bring the Square Five to the Bristol ‘Sound & Vision’ audience for a second year. You can join us Friday through Sunday in the 1st Floor Conservatory for a festival of sound and technology.

Meet the team and learn about British Audio design and manufacturer Wilson Benesch.

For more information you can read Alan Sircom’s HIFI+ Review:
read here (PDF document) English (March, 2014)

Dominique Mafrand’s Haute Fidelite Review:
read here (PDF document) French (April, 2014)
read here (PDF document) Translated to English (April, 2014)

And if that wasn’t enough, Roy Gregory’s The Audiobeat Review:
read here (PDF document) English (January, 2014)

All press and media enquires should be directed to:
Luke Milnes

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An Interview with Design Director Craig Milnes

Wilson Benesch - Craig - Milnes - Interview - Cardinal - Loudspeaker

With the Bristol Show next month, Wilson Benesch are busy preparing for a major exhibition which will feature the Square Series flagship loudspeaker, Square Five and the new ‘super-monitor’ Endeavour loudspeaker.

During the exhibition Wilson Benesch Design Director Craig Milnes will be making a short presentation of the Endeavour loudspeaker from 2pm daily. The Endeavour is truly State-of-the-Art. It embodies the Wilson Benesch brand, bringing together decades of research in audio design and manufacturing to bring you, the listener, closer to the music.

In this short interview filmed last year, when Wilson Benesch Directors, Christina and Craig Milnes visited South Korean partners Design Audio, Craig Milnes discusses the origins of Wilson Benesch, what the core technologies of the brand are today and the main achievements of the brands flagship loudspeaker, Cardinal.

During the Bristol Show, Wilson Benesch will also exhibit the Square Five loudspeaker. The Square Five was developed in unison with the Cardinal and uses the Troika and Isobaric loudspeaker topology described by Craig in this interview.

Don’t miss Craig Milnes presenting the Endeavour loudspeaker daily from 2pm in the 1st Floor Conservatory, 20 – 22nd February 2015, Bristol Sound & Vision 2015.

For show updates see our show previews and our Twitter feed.
Wilson Benesch Events
Wilson Benesch on Twitter

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Bristol 2015: Endeavour & CH Precision

Wilson Benesch - CH Precision - A1 - D1 - C1 - Endeavour

Wilson Benesch return to Bristol ‘Sound & Vision’ with World-Class Audio Demonstration
At the turn of the year we closed with the exciting news that the new Wilson Benesch Endeavour Loudspeaker would make its UK Exhibition Premiere at the Bristol ‘Sound & Vision’ in February. This was confirmed officially via the Bristol Sound & Vision website.

Today we are delighted to confirm that Wilson Benesch will partner the Endeavour loudspeaker with the world-class amplifier and digital front end of CH Precision. Following a second press release posted to the Bristol Sound & Vision website on Friday, we can confirm that Wilson Benesch will distribute CH Precision exclusively in the UK.

CH Precision
CH Precision is a Swiss High End Audio company dedicated to the design and manufacture of State-of-the-Art audio products. The company is located in Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Founded by Florian Cossy and Thierry Heeb, CH Precision design all components in house and operate an exclusively Swiss manufacturing supply chain. Precision manufacturing is a strong tradition in Switzerland. There is a fascination and expertise in detailed manufacturing that is embedded within the very fabric and culture of Switzerland thanks to the long national tradition of watch making. It is a reputation recognised worldwide.

Switzerland’s demography and sociology conspire to make exactly one model work: high price, combined with high value through quality – Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, USA

Indeed both Florian Cossy and Thierry Heeb cut their teeth at Goldmund, being responsible for amplifier design and digital design respectively. Together the combined experience and expertise make for a stunning product and goes some way to explaining why the CH Precision team are responsible for all hardware, software and mechanical design.

CH Precision in Bristol 2015
As the sole UK distributor for the multi-award winning range of CH Precision electronics, Wilson Benesch will debut the CH Precision line to the British public at the ‘Sound & Vision – Bristol Show’.

Having collected awards around the globe, including the much-coveted ‘Stereosound Grand Prix Japan’ for the A1 Amplifier and C1 D/A Controller, the opportunity to listen to class-leading CH Precision products in the UK is not one to be missed.

Wilson Benesch will be showcasing the CH Precision A1 Amplifier, C1 D/A Controller and D1 CD/SACD Player in combination with the new Endeavour loudspeaker daily in the 1st Floor Conservatory.

There will be just one, hour-long live demonstration between 2 – 3.30pm, Friday through Sunday.

For more information you can read Alan Taffel’s excellent Absolute Sound Review of the A1, C1, D1 System here:
CH Precision – A1, C1, D1 System Review

Technical and sales information for the entire CH Precision range will become available at prior to the Bristol Show 2015.

All press and media enquires should be directed to:
Luke Milnes

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Preview: Bristol Sound & Vision 2015

Wilson Benesch - Bristol Sound & Vision Show 2015 - Circle 25 Turntable - Analogue Collection

In 2015 Wilson Benesch return for the 29th Edition of ‘Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show’
Following last years celebration of 25-Years at the sharp end of High End Audio, Wilson Benesch will be returning in for the 2015 edition of ‘Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show’.

Widely regarded as the premier British High End Audio show and a firm favourite for all at the company, Wilson Benesch tend to do something a little special every year. Last year we chose the event for the first public appearance of the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and A.C.T. 25 Anniversary Tonearm.

So what will 2015 hold in store?
In May 2014 Wilson Benesch launched one of its most ambitious products to date. The Endeavour Loudspeaker, a sophisticated, highly refined and luxurious standmount which went on to make waves in Germany and around the globe. Named in honour of Captain Cook’s HMS Bark Endeavour and a commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the vessels launch from the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby. The Endeavour will form part of the exhibition at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2015.

Building upon the 2014 launch, the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and A.C.T. 25 Tonearm will make another appearance. With the BPI recently announcing that vinyl sales up to the close of 2014 have been the strongest since 1996, Wilson Benesch hotly anticipate the air of excitement and enthusiasm that will inevitably surround the medium and its replay at the Sound & Vision Show. Long term supporters of analogue replay, Wilson Benesch continue to develop a number of accessories for the Circle 25, some of which might just get a premier at the Sound & Vision.

We will update this preview again early next year.

See you all in the New Year!

Wilson Benesch Ltd.

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The Annual Wilson Benesch Newsletter 14/15

Wilson Benesch - Bristol Sound & Vision Show 2015 - Circle 25 Turntable - Analogue Collection

It seemed somewhat inappropriate to start the Christmas Newsletter and closing statement for Wilson Benesch with anything other than an Endeavour related pun. Such has been the success of the Endeavour, which in one weekend in Munich over the summer of 2014 sailed away with the hearts and minds of all those who crossed its path.

As the sun perches above the horizon and finally sets on 2014, Wilson Benesch and its Endeavour look back and then forward into 2015 and beyond.

Wilson Benesch - Forthwise Ltd - China - Endeavour Elite AwardThe Endeavour pioneers new territory for Wilson Benesch

As if by way of reward, in November, the Endeavour captured the first of what promises to be many awards by collecting the Super AV Magazine ‘Elite Award’ in China, essentially being recognised as the top stand mount speaker available currently in China. Wilson Benesch would like to make a special thanks to Forthwise Ltd. and Robert Wan for this landmark achievement.

As 2015 roars to life, the Endeavour will have landed on the shores of the USA with newly announced USA distribution partner ‘The Sound Organisation’.

Consistent Reinvestment in Manufacturing

Since inception, Wilson Benesch has continually reinvested heavily in manufacturing. The brand is now recognised across the global HIFI market as a leading high end British Design and Manufacturing company.

In 2014 Wilson Benesch has reinvested a quarter of a million pounds in new CNC, compressed air and carbon fibre tooling. This has significantly increased the company’s production capacity. But furthermore the company has added key new employees to our team, which has almost doubled Wilson Benesch’s total staff over the past 18 months.

People are at the heart of what we do. This Team will ensure that in 2015, Wilson Benesch continue to offer excellent customer service, whilst designing and building innovative, high performance audio products.
Wilson Benesch - Hurco VM30i - Manufacturing Reinvestment

Analogue is King

Wilson Benesch was born from a feasibility study submitted to the British government that secured funding for Wilson Benesch’s first research and development project. At the heart of that feasibility study was the assertion that vinyl would remain, long after the arrival of the compact disc and other digital formats and would in fact remerge as the superior format for high end enthusiasts. As we look to 2015, these predictions have come to pass. At the close of 2014, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) announced that vinyl sales are likely to reach the 1.2m mark by the close of 2014 – a level of vinyl consumption not seen since 1996.

Wilson Benesch continue to underline our commitment to analogue with world class products in this category. In 2014, Wilson Benesch launched the Anniversary Circle 25 Turntable and A.C.T. 25 Tonearm. The new products have been a huge success and will continue to evolve with a collection of upgrades becoming available in 2015.

25 Years of British High End Audio

Closing a very special silver anniversary year for Wilson Benesch, we would like to wish each of you a happy holiday season and a productive and successful 2015.

From all the Team at Wilson Benesch,

See you in 2015.

Wilson Benesch - Seasons Greetings - Directors

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The Endeavour launches in the Netherlands

Wilson-Benesch-Endeavour-Geometry-Series-Hong-Kong-AV-2014-Carbon-Fibre-LoudspeakerDutch partners Beter Beeld & Geluid have been working with Wilson Benesch for a little over two years now. Right from the word go, when the Endeavour arrived in Munich, our Dutch partners were one of the first to pre-order and so received one of the first shipments of the new Wilson Benesch monitor.

A short time later Beter Beeld & Geluid have taken on the CH Precision range. A perfect partner for the Wilson Benesch marque, this partnership is now being seen around the globe.

Late last month in Hilversum, North Holland, Beter Beeld & Geluid officially launched the Endeavour and CH Precision in their showroom. The Endeavour was partnered with two Wilson Benesch Torus, which were connected in stereo. The feedback has been unanimously positive and glowing. One attendee commented:

This setup magically combines technical insight and emotional experience… After many goosebumps moments, which I rarely get when listing to music, I can summarise in one word: BEAUTIFUL!

To arrange a private demonstration of the Endeavour please contact Beter Beeld & Geluid.

Beter Beeld & Geluid
1e Oosterstraat 2
1211 LB Hilversum
Tel: +31 6 46 22 65 86
Fax: +31 35 63 19 785

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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The Sound Organisation: Exclusive new US Distributor

Wilson Benesch - The Sound Organisation - Endeavour - Distribution - USA - Loudspeakers - Turntables

The Sound Organisation, Official Press Release, 2nd December, 2014 – Dallas, TX

The Sound Organisation announces their US distribution of Wilson Benesch Analogue and select Loudspeaker Collections. Founded in 1989 and based in Sheffield, England, Wilson Benesch is at the forefront of high end audio design and engineering.

As early technology adopters Wilson Benesch leverages almost three decades of engineering and manufacturing excellence fostered within the company, to produce a distinctly unique, British product line designed, engineered, tooled, manufactured and assembled at their family owned facility. This strength and depth of expertise is further underpinned by long standing collaborative partnerships with center’s of engineering excellence which preside in Sheffield, specifically the Advanced Manufacturing and Research Center and Sheffield University.

From the company’s inception the unique characteristics of carbon fibre were acknowledged. A strategic and versatile material, carbon fibre is a key engineering material used in almost all Wilson Benesch product and was first introduced to the audio industry in 1989 with the release of the Wilson Benesch Turntable.

With design and manufacturing located under one roof; quality is controlled and further legislated for by highly trained crafts people who hand build each product to order. The resulting product represents the Wilson Benesch brand; superior design, engineering, manufacturing, audio quality, life and character.

Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable and A.C.T. 25 TonearmWilson Benesch Collections Available in the US by The Sound Organisation: Analogue Collection

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Wilson Benesch launched the Circle 25 turntable and A.C.T. 25 Tonearm. With roots in its predecessor, the Circle turntable, the Circle 25 has been redesigned and improved. Its plinth is now manufactured entirely in house from a high grade engineering polymer. This material contributes 6.5 lbs of additional mass, increasing stability and damping. The new bearing references the original Wilson Benesch turntable bearing. It utilises precision machined phosphor bronze and high performance alloys to ensure that the bearing will perform like its predecessor consistently over a wide range of ambient temperatures for decades.

The use of high grade carbon fiber makes the A.C.T. 25 tapered tonearm one of the world’s lightest, stiffest and most highly damped tonearms. It is 15% lighter than its predecessor and is finished with a high integrity, luxurious carbon fiber bias plate.

Wilson Benesch Loudspeaker Collection

All Wilson Benesch, loudspeakers share the same DNA, from floor standing to bookshelf, all are designed, engineered and hand built with fastidious attention to detail. From the world’s first curved carbon composite loudspeaker, to the patented Torus Infrasonic Generator; Wilson Benesch pushes the envelope within Acoustic Engineering.

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal Loudspeaker - Geometry Series - Carbon Fibre
Geometry Series Collection:

Whilst Wilson Benesch’s approach to design is underpinned by advanced technology, understated, timeless aesthetic excellence remain at the core of the creative process at all stages. In every way, the Geometry Series represents a bold statement of this fusion of technology and design. Elegant, curvaceous carbon composite cabinet architecture houses the Wilson Benesch Tactic II drive units and Semisphere tweeters. The stiff and highly damped chassis allows Wilson Benesch to optimize air volume and employ unique approaches to drive unit topology.

Five Distinct Models Comprise the Geometry Collection:

The Endeavour and Vertex are stand mount, bookshelf size loudspeakers. The Vector and Cardinal (pictured left) models are floor standing models with the Fulcrum a center channel that is stand mount, shelf or wall mount.

A silk black baffle, spine, foot and carbon fiber cabinet is beautifully augmented with side cheeks that may be customized with a choice of 14 polymer or natural wood veneer side cheek finishes, expertly applied by Bentley trained craftsmen to compliment any décor.

Square Series II Collection:Wilson Benesch - Square Five Loudspeaker - Square Series II

The exterior of the Square Series II is nothing short of breathtaking. Internally the Square Series II benefits from decades of research and engineering mastery, to create a high-tech cabinet that rings every inch of performance from the traditional cabinet composition. Carbon composite technology has been employed to stiffen and damp the internal walls of the cabinet. High and medium mass alloy pads add critical mass damping. The Tactic Drive Unit, taken directly from the companies now legacy range, the Odyssey Series, is deployed in the Square Series for unrivalled performance in its class.

The Series consists of five models; the Square One a pedestal standing bookshelf style, the Square Two, Three and Five (pictured right) are floor standing and the Square Centre creates a closed loop approach for those wishing to achieve 3-channel audio or full cinema systems.

Each Square Series II product is expertly crafted from the same veneers available in the company’s Geometry Series.

Wilson Benesch - Infrasonic Generator - Sound OrganisationTorus Infrasonic Generator Dynamic Loudspeaker

The result of years of research and development, the patented Wilson Benesch Torus System offers a momentous departure from the typical subwoofer solution in reproducing low frequency sound.

The Torus design sees two high power motors in push pull configuration as part of a precision machined core that drives the Torus’s light and ultra-stiff 18-inch carbon fibre P.E.T. diaphragm. Low frequency transients are reproduced with ease and a transparency unmatched by conventional dynamic driver based subwoofer designs.

Torus External Amplifier

The passive design of the Torus Infrasonic Generator frees the amplifier from the low frequency energy endured by amplifiers in traditional integrated designs. The flexibility of the Torus Amplifier enables both high and low level inputs to be fixed independently. The versatility of the Torus allows seamless integration with a wide variety of systems where dynamic, accurate and transparent low frequency reproduction is critical.

Available in Gloss Black.

About The Sound Organisation

For over twenty years, the mission of The Sound Organisation has been to bring the most musical sounding home audio components from Europe to the USA. TSO proudly offers Chord Company, DALI, PMC, Quadraspire, Rega Research and Wilson Benesch to North American specialty audio retailers. Backed by a unique team of sales, training and service technicians, TSO provides a combination of responsible and responsive retail support delivering the very best sound for the dollar.

Media Contact
Sally Goff, SG Consulting
O: 607-775-1512
C: 607-427-5651

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Wilson Benesch announce new Czech importer

Wilson Benesch - RP Audio - Endeavour - Distribution - Czech Republic - Loudspeakers - Turntables

Official Press Release
In November 2014 RP Audio officially became the new distributors for Wilson Benesch Ltd. in the Czech Republic. Operated by Radim Pieknik, RP Audio have an enviable portfolio of quality high-end audio products and the experience and expertise to represent the Wilson Benesch brand.

Wilson Benesch have maintained a regularly updated website for many years now. As ever those wishing to follow the brand and the developments in the Czech market can remain informed via our website at, further news directly from Czech Republic can be found on the RP Audio website at

Christina Milnes, Wilson Benesch’s Managing Director, said “Wilson Benesch have been established in the Czech audio market for more than a decade. We have a well established network of passionate, knowledgeable dealers, who with the addition of a dedicated, highly respected distribution partner like RP Audio can flourish with the companies highly innovative new product lines. Following the global premier of the Endeavour this year, there is very good reason for our customers in the Czech Republic to be very excited about the future of Wilson Benesch in the country.”

Czech Republic
RP Audio
Zahradní 10
702 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 59 611 08 72

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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