Omnium and Fibonacci Series presented in Gangnam with Sorishop

In a long anticipated visit to Seoul, South Korea, Wilson Benesch’s Sales and Marketing Director, Luke Milnes, delivered a presentation of that put the spotlight on the new Fibonacci Series in the first visit of a Wilson Benesch representative since 2021. The centerpiece of this event was the introduction of the revolutionary Fibonacci Series loudspeaker line, featuring the exceptional Omnium loudspeaker at its core. With the aid of a PowerPoint session, Milnes took the audience through a comprehensive exploration of the groundbreaking technologies propelling Wilson Benesch to the forefront of the audio industry.

Luke Milnes, Wilson Benesch Sales & Marketing Director Presenting the Story of the Fibonacci Series in Seoul South Korea

The presentation looked first hand at the key technologies that define the new Fibonacci Series, with videos and images from the Wilson Benesch factory emphasising the core philosophy of the brand, the design process, the development of advanced bio-based composite materials through the SSUCHY Project, the development of the new Tactic 3.0 Drive Unit and the Fibonacci Tweeter, plus the centrality that advanced manufacturing such as 3D additive manufacturing has to Wilson Benesch in 2023. Attendees were treated to a deep dive into these cutting-edge components, showcasing Wilson Benesch’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio reproduction.

HIFI Critic Seung-young was Master of Ceremonies presenting the Omnium with a selection of music on the evening

The luxurious surrounds of Sorishop’s storefront in Gangnam – Seoul’s vibrant district, provided an ideal backdrop for this audio extravaganza. The intersection of technological innovation and acoustic excellence reached new heights as Wilson Benesch and its Korean partner strengthened their collaboration. Adding to the sensory experience, hifi critic Seung-young took the audience on a captivating listening journey, featuring selections from Sheffield musicians like Pulp, Def Leppard, and Joe Cocker. This multi-sensory event promised an exciting future for global collaborations and groundbreaking advancements in sound technology.

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