Review: Vumetre – P3.0 Loudspeaker

French audio journal VeMetre have reviewed the Precision Series P3.0 loudspeaker. Launched this year in 2019, the Precision Series is Wilson Benesch’s new entry line of loudspeakers consisting of three models. The line is assembled entirely hand in house at Falcon House, the companies headquarters in Sheffield. The Precision Series is borne from the same design philosophy and incorporates many engineering techniques as those used in the construction of the companies reference loudspeaker line. This includes a multi-material hybridised enclosure construction and the use of ties and braces within the Precision Series enclosures.

The review is in French language so those unable to read French won’t sadly be able to enjoy all the content of the review, but we have had a few key sentences translated by our French import partners JFF Diffusion to share with all of you.

VuMetre Magazine

France, Issue #72

“Although many loudspeakers offer real image quality, few are able to overcome the physical limits of the walls or the position of the loudspeaker in the room. With the P3.0s, when one closes the eyes, these physical barriers disappear. There is no longer the sense that the sound is projected from two speakers, instead it is just the music that expresses itself. This sensation of spatial awareness, of freedom, is particularly exhilarating.”


“They reproduce sonic impact with spontaneity and enthusiasm. The bass register is particularly eloquent. Its legibility and scale are quite exemplary. In addition, we can listen to high levels of sound without noticing the slightest feeling of auditory fatigue. The P3.0 is a master of rhythm, perfectly illustrated with the irresistible swing between the drums and the organ on “Muse 2 The Pharaoh” by Prince during which it is absolutely impossible not to tap the foot.”


“To say that these Wilson Benesch loudspeakers retain the sound identity of products from the companies past is obvious. The new Precision Series P3.0 is based upon the same technological blueprint, creating a beautiful sound. It is characterised by a natural clarity, a high class sense of rhythm and ability to recreate the intimacy of a recording. The low frequency is sovereign, the midrange heady and acute yet subtle. It is able to deliver high quality sound with remarkable consistency. It is recommended you listen to these urgently.”

The full unedited PDF of the P3.0 loudspeaker can be read here.


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