Review: Audio Esoterica – P1.0 Loudspeaker

Australian audio journal Audio Esoterica has published the second review of the new P1.0 standmount loudspeaker. Writer Ian Frazer covers in large parts of his review the design and features of our new entry level monitor loudspeaker.

Ian Frazer

Audio Esoterica Magazine, Australia

“To test out the high-frequency abilities of the Leonardo tweeter I pulled out ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, which has the distinct advantage that I could also evaluate the piano sound and the full orchestral sound, complete with timpani. Well, from that famous and totally distinctive clarinet glissando intro, I knew straight away that I was in for a good time, and the Wilson Benesch P1.0s didn’t disappoint. The piano sound was insanely good: just listen to the notes ‘hang’ in the air in front of the speakers…”


“The midrange of the Wilson Benesch P1.0 is linear, with low distortion, and very fast, so the detailing of sound is excellent, particularly with instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, wind instruments and, of course, the human voice… most particularly that of female vocalists.

The full unedited PDF of the P1.0 loudspeaker can be read in Audio Esoterica here.


To arrange a demonstration of the P1.0 loudspeaker, you can contact Wilson Benesch via our ‘Experience Wilson Benesch‘ page.


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