Audiobarn: Exclusive New UK Dealer

SHEFFIELD, England, 9th November, 2023 – Wilson Benesch, a leading manufacturer of high-end audio products, is thrilled to announce two significant developments that will enhance the audiophile experience of our products in the United Kingdom. In November 2023, Wilson Benesch proudly declares its collaboration with The Audiobarn, marking the first UK dealer to offer our product lines in almost a decade. Simultaneously, Wilson Benesch has completed the renovation of the listening and development suite in our factory. As the company approaches its 35th Anniversary that will be marked in 2024, these exciting changes provide UK customers with two outstanding facilities from which to access Wilson Benesch products in a way that has never been possible before.


The Audiobarn: A Perfect Partnership

The Audiobarn, founded by Jack Satchfield and Bryan Beckford in 2015, has established itself as a leading high-end audio dealer in the UK. Based in Essex, just an hour from central London, The Audiobarn has gradually expanded its product lines and its team and has now established a reputation for excellence. The Audiobarn boasts a team of dedicated and knowledgeable technicians and sales associates who possess the technical capacity to effectively convey the unique selling points of high-end audio products from leading brands within the industry. The Audiobarn are therefore the perfect addition to compliment the customer experience of Wilson Benesch in the UK, placing Wilson Benesch alongside other premium brands represented by The Audiobarn.


To solidify this partnership, The Audiobarn’s team recently visited the Wilson Benesch factory. During their visit, they gained first hand insight into the product design and development process, as well as the manufacturing journey from conceptual sketches to advanced Computer Aided Design packages, CNC Machine Suite, and the Advanced Composite Production facilities.



Wilson Benesch X Audiobarn

The Audiobarn now proudly carries an extensive range of Wilson Benesch products from across our lines. Their inventory includes units from the “Precision Series,” such as the P1.0 and P2.0, as well as units from the reference loudspeaker line “Fibonacci Series” including the Discovery 3zero stand mount and early in the new year the larger floor standing Resolution 3zero loudspeaker. Additionally, The Audiobarn currently has the new IGx Infrasonic Generator setup with the Endeavour 3zero stand mount loudspeaker in their main listening room.

The Wilson Benesch Experience in the United Kingdom

For over a decade, Wilson Benesch has been serving customers directly across the UK. The company’s commitment to delivering outstanding experiences, from product through to demonstration and ownership, has been praised by satisfied customers and reflected in the testimonials on our website. Wilson Benesch will continue to offer this service via its dedicated sales team. Customers will be able to experience our products in their own listening room through our home demonstration service and / or visit the new listening suite located in our factory in Sheffield.


In 2024, Wilson Benesch will celebrate is 35-Anniversary year. Founded in 1989 the company has developed and growth strongly exclusively through the direction, management and ownership of the Milnes family. In 2023, Wilson Benesch invested heavily in the design and subsequent 6-month refit of a new product development and listening suite. The new facilities at the factory will provide the foundation for the development of the next generation of products from the UKs leading high end audio company, pioneering research through collaborative R&D programs. Customers in the UK will now be able to visit this listening suite and experience Wilson Benesch first hand within the four walls in which the product has been built.

Luke Milnes

Sales Director, Wilson Benesch

Jack and the team at The Audiobarn represent a genuine, highly professional and personable audio dealership experience that is underpinned by passion and knowledge for reproduction of the recorded arts. In this respect Wilson Benesch feel that The Audiobarn reflects the values that we uphold within our own business, providing unique customer led experiences. Having visited The Audiobarn store it is clear that it perfectly compliments our business model in the UK. Geographically the United Kingdom is quite small and we have been able to offer excellent customer experiences for the past decade and we will continue to offer this experience allowing our customers the option to work directly with our inhouse sales team be it here in our factory or in the comfort of their own home. But now in addition to this The Audiobarn will also offer a personalised demonstration service from their excellent facilities which are located just an hour from central London. The Audiobarn also offers a new opportunity to listen to Wilson Benesch with a range of premium electronics and cables in addition to those that we have here in our factory. This will be a strong and reciprocal partnership, our facilities will be freely available for The Audiobarn to use for demonstrations of larger products in our lines such as our flagship Eminence and as we approach our 35th Anniversary year we are thrilled to offer this new level of access to our products in the UK.”

About Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch is a globally renowned manufacturer of high-end audio products, known for its commitment to producing exceptional audio equipment that delivers uncompromising quality and performance. The company’s product lines have been celebrated by audiophiles worldwide and the brand is synonymous with the development of high-tech advanced carbon fibre and biocomposite audio products with exceptional fidelity. Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Wilson Benesch manufactures more than 95% of its components from a range of metal alloy and composite fibre raw materials. Wilson Benesch was founded in 1989 and will celebrate its 35th Anniversary in 2024.


For more information, please visit www.wilson-benesch.com.


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