REVIEW: Discovery 3zero iFidelity.net

Leading German HIFI journal i-Fidelity.net have published a new product review of the Discovery 3zero loudspeaker. Having reviewed the both previous iterations of the loudspeaker, i-Fidelity.net are no stranger to Wilson Benesch, or the Discovery line of products. In this report Marius Donadello gets to grips with the latest version from the Wilson Benesch reference line Fibonacci Series.



Marius Donadello

i-Fidelity.net, Germany, April 2023

“A concert grand piano captured in a pristine, carefully post-processed recording – this is one of the supreme disciplines for a sound system. A test in which the Discovery 3zero can bring its full potential to bear and emphatically demonstrate what matters: the heard forms a unity. The richness of tone color, the dimension of the instrument body, even the dynamic range of the grand piano is credibly presented and brought together into a coherent whole. At the same time, the Discovery 3zero’s sensitive, illustrative playing brings me very close to the sublime beauty that every note of this composition radiates.”

To read the full unedited i-Fidelity.net report in German please use this link, i-Fidelity.net Discovery 3zero review.

To read the an English translation of the i-Fidelity.net report please use DeepL for translation.

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