REVIEW: A.C.T. 3zero Loudspeaker – What HIFI?

What HIFI? Magazine have awarded Wilson Benesch’s new A.C.T. 3zero 5-Stars stating, “Wilson Benesch’s relentless search for improved performance has resulted in one of the finest speakers money can buy” as part of the ‘British HIFI Week’. The A.C.T. 3zero is the sixth iteration of ‘Advanced Composite Technology’ designs developed by Wilson Benesch. The What HIFI? team have written a wonderful report that takes the reader through all the key technological developments that the A.C.T. 3zero and also suitably the report also looks back at where those developments started in previous designs.

What HIFI? Review Team

What HIFI? Magazine, UK, March 2023

“The A.C.T. One combined carbon fibre, metal and wood to produce a wonderfully elegant enclosure that was class-leading when it came to balancing rigidity, inertness and resonance control. Compared to the standard rectangular wooden boxes made by most of the competition at the time, and even now for that matter, this Wilson Benesch design was light years ahead.”

Part of the company’s new Fibonacci Series reference loudspeaker line, the A.C.T. 3zero has been developed from the outcomes of the SSUCHY Project – a 4.5-year Pan European R&D Project that had the goal of developing sustainably sourced biocomposite materials technology that could replace oil based composite materials such as carbon fibre. In addition to entirely new materials technology within the A.C.T. 3zero loudspeaker enclosure, Wilson Benesch have also introduced the very latest drive technologies taken from its multi-award winning Eminence loudspeaker and fitted these across the Fibonacci Series.

What HIFI? Review Team

What HIFI? Magazine, UK, March 2023

Take a step back and you’ll find the 3Zero’s tonal balance is superbly judged. To our ears, it is as neutral as they come with both frequency extremes integrated so well that it becomes hard to talk about them as separate entities. This is a wonderfully unified sound that rivals what we hear through the very best electrostatic designs and is made all the more impressive by knowing that there are no less than five separate drivers involved.

The What HIFI? review of the A.C.T. 3zero is unquestionably a tour de force. Read it in full via their website using this link: https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/wilson-benesch-act-3zero.


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