For our customers based in the United Kingdom, Wilson Benesch provide a business to customer service. We provide a home demonstration service Learn more about this service below.

The Advantages of a home consultation


Your System, Your Room, You in Control

We recognise that investing in a personal home audio system is a carefully considered choice and requires financial investment. We believe that the best way to understand if a Wilson Benesch product is for you, is to listen to the product in your own personal audio system and from your own listening seat.


7-day Demonstration

We understand that the decision to add or change any component in your personal audio system is one often a considered one. With a high performance system it is important to evaluate and experiment to hear it at its optimum. For this reason we provide our customers with the option to retain our demonstration model for 7-days allowing hours of listening time and enjoyment.


Expert Advice

Our home audio consultants have worked with customers across the United Kingdom for the past 7-years. We realise that our customers tastes are as diverse as the range of listening spaces and electronics that our customers have. Our consultants know how to get the best from our products in a given room, based on your specific feedback and tastes for how the system sounds.

How it works

Circuit Bootcamp

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Cardio and HIIT

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How it works

Simply complete the Request Your Demonstration contact form and one of our audio consultants will then contact you to discuss your personal requirements. Our consultants will provide advice where required and we will aim to work around you to arrange a suitable date for installation.


Transparency, honesty and professionalism are the core values of our bespoke service; it is our view that the listening environment is central to the experience of high end audio. A home demonstration provides the client with the opportunity to listen to our products from the comfort of their own listening seat, with their chosen electronics, informing the client in a way that no other experience can.


“I have been in this hobby for 30+ years. I have gone through more than a few prominent British and US Speaker brands over the years with the latest pair being a technological marvel with aluminium cabinet. I came across Wilson Benesch at fellow audiophile’s home during my travels and was impressed with the engineering. I reached out to Wilson Benesch and bought a pair of Cardinal's. The service was excellent, very responsive and there was no pressure to buy. My previous speaker was a sealed design as well with similar sized woofers to the Cardinal; I install the Cardinal in the exact spot. My gut feeling is that it would be a good place to start and let the agony/enjoyment of tweaking/placement begins. I am the typical audiophile who feels there’s something missing here and there and start looking for equipment changes as soon as something new arrives in the system. With my Playback Designs MPS5-Vitus Signature-Transparent Reference-Cardinal system, I struggle to hear anything “wrong” that require tweaking. I don’t have the urge to start moving them around nor looking for different cables, amplifier etc. The sound staging, layering and transparency was breath-taking. I have read reviews on the Cardinal’s praising about transient response. I never really grasped the concept until I heard the Cardinal’s on guitar and drums. It’s an aspect that I never heard produced on the dozen or so speakers I have owned over the last three decades. In my humble opinion, the ultimate test for any audio component is how you are drawn to the music itself and not how well the audiophile parameters it does. One, I am listening to an entire CD and not irritated with some aspect and my listening sessions are longer than before. Second, my non-audiophile Dad visits my home on a daily basis armed with his favourite music to hear them over the Cardinal’s. The Cardinal’s just sound so right in a manner that I have not heard from my previous speakers. A special thanks to the Wilson Benesch design team for such a wonderful product!!”
“It is not for me to comment on the musicality of Wilson Benesch speakers – far better qualified people than me have already done so (but, in case you were in any doubt, they are fabulous). What is not apparent, though, from browsing the website is just how astonishingly well-made and attractive they are. The marriage of immaculately finished metal, and composite panels provide a feeling of ‘heft’ and a sense of durability that completely transcend their functional origins. These are speakers that radiate purpose, not in a Dr Who way like that some ‘other’ brands do, but in the way a jet fighter looks mean even when standing silent on the tarmac – built to do a single job and do it well. That, in itself, should be reason enough for them to make any enthusiast’s shortlist, but the icing on the cake is the amazing customer service that seems part of the Wilson Benesch DNA. Here, truly, the customer is king. With no retail outlets in the UK, the emphasis is solely on ensuring that the customer has ample time in their own home to audition the product most suited to them, with no pressure at all to buy; Wilson Benesch simply let their speakers do all the talking for them. Old-fashioned values combined with cutting-edge design – truly a match made in HiFi heaven.”
“A few days after visiting WB in the conservatory at the Sound & Vision Exhibition in Bristol I decided that I wanted a demo of their Vertex speakers. Since there were no local dealers I contacted Wilson Benesch and to my surprise was told they would happily give me a home demo personally! After a phone call or two to Luke an agreeable date/time was set up. On arriving Luke listen to my set up and then installed the Vertex speakers where we then listened to a wide genre of music via vinyl and CD. During this time we chatted about the speakers, music in general and the Wilson Benesch company – at no time did I feel pressured by Luke – it was a very relaxed, enjoyable few hours. After a few weeks I decided to buy the speakers and Luke personally delivered and set up the speakers. For each visit, Luke had a round trip of approximately 380 miles – I think that says it all really! I cannot recommend Wilson Benesch highly enough – do yourselves a favour and setup a home demonstration from this fabulous company!”

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