Wilson Benesch partner with Purist Audio in Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau

SHEFFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM, 30th November, 2022 – Leading high end audio manufacturer Wilson Benesch are proud to announce a new distribution partnership with Purist Audio who will distribute Wilson Benesch products exclusively in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau from December. With 26-years of experience and a portfolio that includes high end brands including Audio Research, Avantgarde Acoustic, Crystal Cable, Devialet and Wadax, Purist Audio is the perfect partner to distribute Wilson Benesch products in these sales territories.

Next Generation Products distributed within a New Sales Network

In 2022 Wilson Benesch launched the Fibonacci Series its next generation of reference loudspeakers. Recognised globally as the pioneer of carbon fibre composite loudspeaker enclosures within the high end audio industry, Wilson Benesch pioneered the next generation of loudspeaker enclosure materials with the Fibonacci Series. Developed through 4.5-years of collaborative research with partners across Europe, the new biocomposite loudspeaker monocoques introduces new sustainable and naturally sourced materials to the high end audio industry for the first time, moving away from oil based enclosures and into the future.

Craig Milnes

Design Director, Wilson Benesch Ltd.

“Our new reference loudspeaker line the Fibonacci Series is now stocked across our global sales network, with highly respected, professional sales partners in all the key high end audio markets globally. The biocomposite technologies that our team has developed that we have presented in the Fibonacci Series for the first time are in fact an introduction of these next generation materials technologies. This introduction will form the foundation for significant future product introductions in 2023 and 2024.

Christina Milnes

Managing Director, Wilson Benesch Ltd.

“China is one of the most important markets globally for consumer electronics. In Purist Audio we have a partner that can deliver significant growth of our market share, bringing high quality, British engineered, Wilson Benesch products to more customers across this market.

Together the new intellectual property within Wilson Benesch, in addition to the new Fibonacci Series and the product introductions planned for the imminent future, require highly knowledgeable and professional sales partners. In this respect the addition of Purist Audio to the Wilson Benesch sales network within one of the largest consumer markets in the world is a significant strategic success. Wilson Benesch acquires a strong partner with extensive expertise and experience. Wilson Benesch customers will be able to access the product from a growing network of dealers, will be able to learn about and read about Wilson Benesch products in the Chinese media and will be able to experience Wilson Benesch directly at high end audio exhibits across Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Purist Audio

As a distributor in the Chinese market for 26-years, Purist Audio has a long and successful history of distributing hifi products. Based in Shanghai, Purist Audio have a well-experienced and professional team, who drive a strong network of dealers in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Purist Audio are well respected across the hifi industry in China.

Henry Wu

CEO, Purist Audio

We now have this opportunity and we will be pursuing big and ambitious goals together with Wilson Benesch. We will show our great ambitious and effort to create the perfect foundation to build brand awareness for Wilson Benesch and ensure visibility for their products.

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