First Full Production Units of The New Endeavour 3zero

The new Endeavour 3Zero ‘Super-Monitor’ loudspeaker by Wilson Benesch. 

Photographed in ‘Senna Volcanic Orange’ finishing taken from the range of new Premium Paint finishes by Wilson Benesch.
The new Endeavour 3Zero is build from the next generation biocomposite A.C.T. 3Zero Monocoque. Developed by Wilson Benesch over 4.5-years under €7.4-million pan-European research project through the European Union. The development delivers next generation composite materials that will replace oil-based composite materials with sustainably sourced, natural materials.
Complete with the new Tactic 3.0 Drive Unit and Fibonacci Tweeter the Endeavour 3Zero is the ultimate ‘Super-Monitor’ bar none.