Geometry Series, A.C.T. One Evolution Review, Part 1, Music Emotion

Wilson Benesch are delighted to share the first of Werner Ero’s two part review of the A.C.T. One Evolution – CH Precision A1, C1, D1 system. Werner tackles the Wilson Benesch and CH Precision products by way of a fascinating system review that gets to the heart of each element in the chain, but also presents the virtues of a system approach.


Officially launched in Germany at Die Steiner Box in late 2015, the new A.C.T. One Evolution floor standing loudspeaker follows a long line of A.C.T. loudspeaker designs that have developed and evolved through an iterative design process that, as Werner Ero points out in his review, dates back to the original A.C.T. One that was launched in 1991.

The A.C.T. is now central to the Wilson Benesch brand in much the same way as the 5-series is to BMW. The new A.C.T. One Evolution retaining some of the characteristic forms of the previous designs with the sloping, sculptural top and familiar physical proportion. But the A.C.T. One Evolution features all new Wilson Benesch drive technology, mounted in the carbon fibre – alloy composite loudspeaker architecture that Wilson Benesch has pioneered.


At this years Munich HIGH END Show, Wilson Benesch unveiled the new ‘P1’ coloured carbon fibre version of the A.C.T. One Evolution. The A.C.T. One Evolution P1, has since been joined by Discovery II P1 and Endeavour P1 to form the ‘P1 Collection’ within the Geometry Series. Taken from Formula 1 terminology, ‘P1’ is shorthand for ‘position 1’, or race leader. Wilson Benesch ascribed this terminology to the new ‘P1 Collection’ in recognition of the origin of the Hypetex coloured carbon fibre, which has been developed by ex-formula 1 engineers at the companies base at Silverstone Technology Park next to the home of British Motor Racing, Silverstone.


Werner Ero is no stranger to the Wilson Benesch marque, having owned the Arc loudspeakers from the previous generation Wilson Benesch reference, along with reviews of other models from our line. Werner notes in his review,

Werner Ero

Music Emotion Magazine, Germany

“The first thing that struck me, when compared to its predecessors and other WB models, was the much greater power and drive especially in the lows and lower mids… Trying to describe the sound of this speaker with typical audiophile parameters is of no real use because of the almost 1:1 sense of scale and rich live experience. Everything is there and everything is in perfect balance. Just like it needs to be, but is seldom experienced with hifi.”

The second part of this review will be available tomorrow evening at 6pm GMT and consists of a full interview with both Wilson Benesch and CH Precision.


We would like to extend our gratitude to Werner Ero for his excellent and comprehensive report on Wilson Benesch and CH Precision. We would also like to make a personal thank you to our Dutch import partners Audio Ingang for arranging the review and providing the excellent English translation.

The full unedited PDF of Werner Ero’s A.C.T. One Evolution review is here.

The full English translation PDF of Werner Ero’s A.C.T. One Evolution Review is here.


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