Munich High End 2011 Show Report

Wilson Benesch Geometry SeriesThe Wilson Benesch Team have now returned to the headquarters in England after a fruitful trip to Bavaria. The Munich High End Show was a remarkable success, not only from our perspective but from an industry perspective. With record numbers of exhibitors, a high standard of presentation and a healthy spirit across the show, the Munich High End show is a healthy 30 years old.

The Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2010
The Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2010
The Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2010Wilson Benesch presented the much lauded A.C.T.C60 throughout the show. On the back of a strong review in Stereo and third place in the all time magazine rankings, the A.C.T.C60 was a popular choice for audiophiles around the show. In support Wilson Benesch displayed the Odyssey Range. Now approaching its 10th-year in production the range remains as popular as ever, indeed the flagship Chimera placed a high 6th in the aforementioned Stereo Magazine ranking; a testament to the strength of the technologies that Wilson Benesch have engineered.

Also on display and very much at the center of attention for our visitors was the first two products in the new Geometry Series. The floor standing Vector and the stand mounted Vertex, complete with the new Tactic II drive unit and Wilson Benesch’s first tweeter, the Semisphere. The Geometry Series is a technological advance in loudspeaker design. Built with no internal bracing and from extremely rigid, mutually damping alloys and advanced composites. In terms of signal to noise ratio the Geometry Series is at the front of the field.

Of course with any Hi-Fi show, a number of important people make the show what it is. First of all we would like to extend our gratitude to all the attendees of the show and our customers who we are always thrilled to meet. A special thank you to our partners at the show, Audionet, who provided amplification for our presentation. Another important element must be recognised in our German distribution company Taurus high-end. Finally it was a pleasure to meet our key business partners from around the globe and wish them all the success with the Wilson Benesch brand.

Here to share are our little experiences of the weekend.

Design Director Craig Milnes with Rene Tromner & Jutta Wegner of Taurus high-endDesign Director Craig Milnes with Arthur & Kees Jan of art's ExcellenceDesign Director Craig Milnes with Cedric Segal of take5Design Director Craig Milnes with Thomas Gessler of Audionet & Kun Lim of Currants AudioCraig Milnes, Chris Ward and Luke Milnes of Wilson Benesch with Steve Daniels of The Sound Organisation