Wilson Benesch Geometry Series Launch Report Three

Wilson Benesch rarely announces a new range of loudspeakers. So when it does; you can rest assured that each product has been meticulously crafted and designed to create something very special. The following short provides a glimpse into the first production run for one component of our latest floor standing speaker, the Vector. The film reveals our desire to engage with the our customers and fans; to show them exactly why a Wilson Benesch design is so unique. The film captures some of the more intricate tooling involved during the two and a half hours required to cut three new Vector feet.

Design and Manufacturing are integrated functions within Wilson Benesch that enable a level of performance that is beyond other modes of operation. An concept can be discussed, modeled in a 3D CAD environment and manufactured for rigorous evaluation within a day when required. The freedom and creativity this allows, buds an exciting and enthusiastic design team and we feel this is reflected in our products. With the capacity to manufacture in any kind of metal as well as advanced carbon fibre composites, next generation manufacturing is the hallmark of Wilson Benesch design. This capability is of course constantly advancing and we have already introduced products that exploit exotic technologies like nano technology and additive engineering, making them a part of today’s designs.

20 years of manufacturing history and investment now sees a State of the Art Manufacturing plant and equipment dedicated to audio design and manufacture. But of course it is the people that make a company. Some of the long serving members of the team now account for well over a hundred years of experience. These years of experience and know how cannot be bought at any price and this, above all else is what sets a Wilson Benesch product apart.

Managing Director Christina Milnes