A.C.T. now!

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C.60 Limited Edition

people from the industry or even audio engineers; they all pay homage to a seemingly inconspicuous loudspeaker from British suppliers – Wilson Benesch”

Read the whole review.  English translation of the A.C.T. C.60 L.E. is now available.

Written by one of Germany’s leading audio critics, Mathias Bode of the influential German Journal, STEREO.

Download the full translated PDF from our Reviews page.

You might also be interested to read the findings of the Journal of Neurophysiology. One of a number of papers on perception of high frequency sound that can be found Journal of Neurophysiology.

Stereo also recently announced updated rankings for all speakers reviewed in the magazine. Wilson Benesch are delighted to announce that in the performance category the A.C.T. C60 placed 3rd overall in the rankings with a 97% score. Further to this the Chimera with 96%, placed 6th overall. Clearly we are delighted with the results. At the end of the year the Odyssey Range will reach its 10th-year, but continues to have a strong market presence. A testament to the strength of the technologies harnessed by Wilson Benesch, which are common across the Odyssey Range from Chimera to Arc.

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C.60 Limited Edition