Discovery Loudspeaker

Discovery Loudspeaker GlyphConceptually unique, this virtual point source, full range loudspeaker. has been precisely optimised, to extract the absolute maximum from the smallest enclosure. Its electrostatic qualities are underpinned by lightening fast dynamics, that leave the listener with nothing but effortless sound.

This loudspeaker has not simply opened up a new frontier for Wilson Benesch; its tremendous appeal may radically change the conventional image of British high-end speakers.

Takahito Miura, Stereosound Magazine, Japan, 2001

A visually striking design, it is instilled with timeless qualities that defy convention. The design is quite simply beyond categorisation. Yet, it achieves this without vulgar over statement or trivial additions.

Acoustically its principle achievement is the staggering depth of field and vast soundstage. The Discovery is the Harry Houdini of loudspeakers, disappearing as it so easily does without a trace.

they present every inflection of every note with almost holographic delineation. From the leading-edge transients of electric guitar to the percussive attack of drums, these British speakers helped me see into the music and laid its meaning out in front of me.

Jason Thorpe, Soundstage.com, 2003


Chosen Reference System, two-channel & Multi-channel, What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2005 (UK)
Chosen Reference System, two-channel & Multi-channel, What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2004 (UK)
* Replaced previous reference which were the A.C.T. One 2000-2003
***** Review,What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2003 (UK)
Product of the Year, HiFi Review, 2001 (HONG KONG)
Component of the year, Stereosound magazine, 2001 (JAPAN)
Awards for Wilson Benesch Discovery Loudspeaker

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