Chimera Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch Chimera Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch Chimera LoudspeakerA floor standing design that finds itself deployed across the world in some of the most demanding music rooms. The Chimera exudes quality on every level. It is assembled from elements that require many days of hand work before they are even ready for assembly.

Of course it would not be a Wilson Benesch if it were not highly innovative and somewhat unconventional. The differences are considerable, and reflect perhaps most clearly the achievements that flowed from the D.T.I. (Department of Trade & Industry) funded Bishop research Project. This empowers the Chimera, setting the highest standard in low frequency dynamics, that exceed those of the super fast Tactic mid range unit!

No other loudspeaker can make such a claim. A unique development path.

A dream of a loudspeaker that is simply capable of everything. Were exalted and now understand why you need Formula 1 technology in your living room.

Tom Frantzen, Translation from, Stereo Magazine, Germany, 2006

We must face the facts: the Chimera inevitably reminds us of the Full Circle turntable by the manufacturer that we tested recently. The Chimera distills the expressiveness, the immediacy and the transparency we appreciated with the turntable. These characteristics give the Chimera a true personality in the best sense of the term and many music lovers will find that suits them with this technically and aesthetically different but irresistibly musical product.

Dominique Mafrand, Translation from, Haute Fidélité Magazine, France, 2012

Awarded 99%, Stereo Magazine, Germany, 2006
Reference Review, Haute Fidélité Magazine, France, 2012

Wilson Benesch Loudspeaker Finishes

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