Curve Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch Curve Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch Curve GlyphA floor standing design of impeccable credentials.

Within its tiny foot print, is a volume of air that enables the Tactic drive units to respond like only floorstanders can, but unlike conventional floorstanding designs, there is a complete absence of cabinet noise.

The fine lines are punctuated by precision Wilson Benesch engineered functional accents that convey a sense of determined, obstinate, solidity when it comes to unwanted resonances.

Acoustically the design is clean, precise and highly communicative, giving a little more to bass energy than the A.C.T. design, pictured below, from which it borrows so very much.

There is no waffling on the bass notes, no overtones of wooden structures. In this respect, the Curves are much more like a planar speaker than most dynamic speakers. There have been very few dynamic speakers where I have heard the driver more so than the driver and the cabinet. The lush Von Schweikert VR-4 SR MkII’s with all their clarity in the midrange clearly have a cabinet sound worked into the presentation. This is normal, typical of dynamic speakers. What’s not so normal is to have such a cave-like depth to a cabinet, especially a conservatively sized one, where there is so little resonance detectable.

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