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Hong Kong High End Show 2015

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal Loudspeaker - Geometry Series - Forthwise Ltd. - ChinaWilson Benesch return to Asia again this August for 2015 edition of the Hong Kong High End Show. Our partners Forthwise Ltd. will be demonstrating the Cardinal loudspeakers with the all new TechDAS Air Force 3 and CH Precision, who will bring the new P1 Phono stage, which is shown below at the Munich High End this summer.
CH Precision will demonstrate the P1 Phono Stage in Hong Kong High End Show 2015
The Cardinal loudspeaker has been a huge success in Hong Kong and China, where it won the ‘Prestige Award’ in Super AV Magazine at the turn of 2013.

Details of the exact system setup, along with room information has not yet emerged, but we will update the blog next week.

Learn more about the Cardinal Loudspeaker on our product page.

Date: Friday 7th August – Sunday 9th August 2015
Location: Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal - Torus - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - Geometry Series - Hong Kong High End Show - 2015

For further information please contact Forthwise Ltd.

Forthwise Ltd
6 / F, 1 Duddell Street
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2868 9993
Fax: +852 2525 2380

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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X-Fi Audioshow 2015

Audio Ingang present Wilson Benesch at the X-Fi Audioshow 2015The largest and most important High-End audio show in the Benelux returns this year on the 26th – 27th September 2015. Held in a beautiful and authentic abbey ‘De Koningshof’, the show will host more than 60 distributors and 300 brands, making it an event suited to all music lovers.

Audio Ingang (Wilson Benesch distributor for the Benelux) will be presenting all their brands, amongst them Wilson Benesch and CH Precision, in rooms 11, 12 and 13.

For more information about the X-Fi, please see the official website:

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Report: Munich High End 2015

The Endeavour & Torus at the Munich High End 2015This years Munich High End firmly put the debate to rest, with huge numbers of enthusiastic customers arriving at the MOC Convention Centre from all over the world, it is clear that this is now the finest High End Audio exhibition the world over.

Wilson Benesch gave the finest account of the company’s position and the quality of its products with a stunning demonstration that put the Endeavour loudspeaker, two Torus Infrasonic Generators and the all new R1 HIFI Rack at the heart of a system that included market leading products from TechDAS, CH Precision and Trinnov. Jeff Fritz of SoundStage Ultra commented in his article following the Munich High End entitled ‘Sampling High End 2015′s Best Loudspeakers’:

The Endeavours, for their parts, sounded dimensional and lithe, providing just the right amount of weight when that was part of the music. Their imaging was precise, and the entire system had an eminently listenable quality that many systems at High End didn’t — not relaxed, just not fatiguing… My takeaway: WB’s Geometry Endeavour is a speaker I want to hear more from. It was the most ambitious stand-mount at High End 2015.

Jeff Fritz, SoundStage Ultra, Sampling High End 2015′s Best Loudspeakers

The Wilson Benesch R1 HIFI Rack at the Munich High End 2015

Jeff’s inclusion of the Endeavour – Torus combination in the Top 7 Loudspeaker at the Munich High End, means we perhaps need not say more. However that would only be half the story as Wilson Benesch also launched the new R1 HIFI Rack at the show. The R1 with its stunning carbon fibre Isobars and Polyoxymethylene stands provided optimal conditions, in which the ultra high end audio components residing upon them could operate. Draining the system of structural born resonance from each component, but also isolating the components from the energy produced by the loudspeakers and the infrasonic generator. It’s the finishing touch to an awe inspiring system.

The Wilson Benesch R1 HIFI Rack with CH Precision P1 Phono Stage at the Munich High End 2015

Wilson Benesch would like to thank each of our partners at the Munich High End. CH Precision provided the amplification, power conditioning, CD/ SACD Player Transport and the stunning new P1 Phono Stage. Partnered directly with the new P1 was the TechDAS Airforce Two Turntable – unquestionably the market leader at the present time, the TechDAS is one of those products which are a pure joy to work with over the course of an exhibition. The tactile nature of the product and the immense sound that it reproduces is truly a special thing. And finally we must extend our gratitude and to Trinnov Audio who provided the Amethyst media renderer and room optimisation. Placing ultra high performance audio components into a room with no acoustic design considerations and then trying to present the product faithfully and professionally to an audience is the biggest challenge of any exhibition. It is akin to putting a McLaren P1 on a road test in standing traffic. This year Trinnov Audio measured the room with a microphone and used the highly advanced 3D room optimisation software built into the Amethyst to extract maximum performance from the system and the room to great effect.

Thank you to each of you who attended the Munich High End – we look forward to seeing you all again next time around!

We hope that you enjoy the slideshow of images from the exhibition below:

Wilson Benesch Endeavour, Torus and R1 HIFI Rack with TechDAS Airforce Two, CH Precision P1 and Trinnov Amethyst

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Munich High End 2015 Preview

Wilson Benesch Endeavour carbon fibre loudspeaker at the Munich High End 2015

This May, Wilson Benesch form a partnership with several of the world’s preeminent audio design and manufacturers to create a stunning presentation of high-end audio at the Munich High-End 2015. The Munich High-End is an annual HIFI exhibition taking place in the MOC Messe Exhibition Centre, 20-minutes from the vibrant Munich city centre. Now recognised as the finest exhibition of high-end audio the world over, the Munich High-End attracts a global audience and all of the leading manufacturers.

Wilson Benesch

Having previously exhibited at the Kempinski Vier Jahreszieten, this year British manufacturer Wilson Benesch will move back to the MOC Messe to partner it’s reference super-monitor Endeavour loudspeakers with, CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov Audio in a stunning presentation featuring state-of-the-art digital and analogue replay systems, amplification and digital room correction systems.

Since its launch at the 2014 edition of the Munich High End, the Wilson Benesch Endeavour has gone on to receive global critical acclaim, being awarded ‘Elite’ status in the leading Hong Kong AV Journal ‘Super AV’ along the way. Constructed from carbon fibre composites and aluminium, with high quality finishing and detailing throughout, the luxurious Endeavour loudspeakers stand at an imposing 1.47m in height. Whilst the Endeavour’s drive unit compliment is comprised of the very latest Wilson Benesch drive technologies; the Tactic II drive unit and the Semisphere Tweeter. These cutting edge technologies combine with the new Carbon-Nanotech Enclosure, a bell-shaped carbon-nanotech composite structure which isolates the midrange and bass air volumes entirely. As a result the Endeavour chassis exhibits industry leading signal-to-noise ratio allowing the sound produced by the Wilson Benesch drive technologies to express all the character, detail and emotion of the music. The Endeavour loudspeaker is perhaps the finest example of British high-end audio.

The Endeavour loudspeaker will demonstrate with the TechDAS Air Force One Turntable

CH Precision

Swiss company CH Precision will provide reference level amplification, power conditioning, digital-to-analogue conversion and digital replay. The brands 1-Series is an award winning product line with countless awards the world over, including the much coveted Stereo Sound Japan ‘Grand Prix Award’ for its A1 Amplifier, C1 Controller and D1 CD/SACD Transport. These award winning components will form the backbone of the Munich High End 2015 presentation, with further support from the X1 Power Conditioners.
CH Precision - Wilson Benesch - TechDAS - Trinnov Audio - Munich High End 2015


TechDAS is the house brand of Stella Inc., the highly respected premier distributor of a multitude of high-end audio components in Japan, including Wilson Benesch, CH Precision and Trinnov Audio.

In 2012, Stella Inc. launched the TechDAS ‘Air Force One’ turntable. The design went on to become recognised as a “game-changing” audio component, the like of which only comes along “every five-years or so”. In 2014, TechDAS introduced the Air Force Two. The Air Force Two turntable, a less expensive variant of the original design which retails at £79,000, uses trickle-down technologies from the flagship, including the innovative air bearing and the vacuum disc suction that was critical to the success of the Air Force One.

TechDAS will present at the Munich High End 2015, the Air Force Two Turntable.
CH Precision - Wilson Benesch - TechDAS - Trinnov Audio - Munich High End 2015

Trinnov Audio

Trinnov Audio leads the field in terms 3D room optimisation. Founded in 2000, the French company has published a number of cutting edge research papers in the field and in turn developed industry leading optimisation products and software. The field of room optimisation is commonly linked with home theatre and in this respect Trinnov lead the way with the world’s most advanced 3D AV Preamplifier, capable of reproducing 32 channels of audio. However Trinnov have long been developing highly advanced purist high-end audio optimisation products. Their ST2-HiFi and Amethyst systems have won critical acclaim from publications globally including Stereophile and 6moons and are now being adopted by the industries leading high-end audio importers globally.

Trinnov Audio will present the Amethyst high-end stereo flagship processor at the Munich High End 2015.

CH Precision - Wilson Benesch - TechDAS - Trinnov Audio - Munich High End 2015

Wilson Benesch, CH Precision, TechDAS and Trinnov audio will be exhibiting in Room F203 of the MOC Messe Exhibition Centre, 14th – 17th May 2015.

For all press enquiries please contact:
Wilson Benesch – Luke Milnes – // +44(0)114 2852656

For more information on our collaborating partners please use the following links:
CH Precision:

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Bristol Sound & Vision 2015 Show Report

Wilson Benesch - Square Five - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Circle 25 Turntable - CH Precision - Audionet
Wilson Benesch present to a packed Bristol Sound & Vision 2015
If there was a defining feature of the Bristol Sound & Vision 2015 it would be people. Hundreds upon hundreds of audio enthusiasts packed into the conservatory to see and hear this years presentation, which consisted of two distinctly different systems. One system was based around a floor standing loudspeaker design partnered with German electronics from Audionet and another based around a stand mounted loudspeaker design partnered with Swiss electronics from CH Precision. The feedback from this years show has been better than ever, with one email that arrived reading as follows:

“I’ve been a closet audiophile probably since about the age of five and I’m forty now! I’m also a hobbyist musician. I came across your speakers at the Bristol show recently and thought the demo was incredible… I have to say that’s the closest I’ve ever been (or perceived to be) next to Hendrix. His guitar and amp sounded LIVE, and that’s no exaggeration! Drums sounded amazing too.”

We would like to thank all those who attended and especially those of you who wrote to us online via the forums and email.

Family Sound
Despite the stark difference between the aesthetic appearance and materials employed in the Endeavour and the Square Five loudspeakers, there is of course an unmistakable family sound that is common to all the products in Wilson Benesch’s two main loudspeaker lines. This relates directly to the two iterations of Tactic Drive Technology at the heart of the two product lines.

Of course the quality of the cables and the electronic components at the source is crucial to the end result and this is why Wilson Benesch imports and distributes Audionet and CH Precision in the UK. This combination of products has been carefully selected and fine tuned by Wilson Benesch over decades. We would like to thank Darren Smith, CEO of Clearer Audio Cables, who provided all high-end cabling for this years presentation. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our in Germany at Audionet GmbH and also CH Precision Sarl for designing and building some of the finest source components. A special mention also to Raphael Pasche who attended the Bristol Sound & Vision in support of CH Precision.

Wilson Benesch introduces New Products
Those of you with a keen eye for product development at Wilson Benesch will have noted the introduction of two new products at the Bristol Sound and Vision.

Circle 25 Black Edition
As part of our Analogue Collection display, Wilson Benesch presented a black and a white version of the Circle 25 Turntable. Following the successful introduction of the Circle 25 Turntable at last years event, Wilson Benesch have now extended the range and orders are now being taken on the Circle 25 Black Edition, which features an all black A.C.T. 25 Anniversary Tonearm.

Wilson Benesch - Square Five - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Circle 25 Turntable - CH Precision - Audionet

The Wilson Benesch HIFI Rack
The second new product introduced at the Bristol show, is the stunning new Wilson Benesch rack. Precision machined steel, alloy, polymer and advanced carbon fibre composites combine to create a highly engineered solution for high-end component installation. The solution is near optimal and exploits the advantages of carbon composites and other materials to damp structural borne resonances to industry leading standards. Further details on the the new Wilson Benesch rack will emerge prior to Munich High End in May.

Wilson Benesch - Square Five - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Circle 25 Turntable - CH Precision - Audionet

Final Thanks to all our partners
Thanks to the organisers of the Bristol Sound & Vision, Tony Revelle, Jerry Lewin, Phil Patterson and all the team at Audio T who make the Bristol Sound & Vision possible. And finally to all of you who participated in the event and came to see us.

See you next time,

All the Team at Wilson Benesch!

Please view the slideshow of images below which includes additional images of the new products, just click to open the window.
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable and Square Five Loudspeaker at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2014

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