AWARD: Omnium Loudspeaker Takes Super AV Magazine

Super AV Magazine in China has reviewed the Omnium loudspeaker and subsequently awarded the product its ‘Golden Prestige Trophy’ award. 

Super AV Magazine

Translated from Super AV Magazine, China

“Wilson Benesch, as a prestigious British speaker brand, we have been impressed by its products more than once. It is the first manufacturer to use carbon fiber to make speakers and is one of the companies that truly fully masters carbon fiber technology. Looking at Wilson Benesch speakers from different perspectives such as technology application, production technology, and sound performance, one can discover a sense of superiority over others. You should know that Wilson Benesch’s technology-led design and development concept introduces cutting-edge technology into all aspects of product design and manufacturing. Wilson Benesch also has partnerships with leading scientists across a range of fields and from a number of universities, including the Universities of Leeds, Oxford, Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam Universities, as well as other leading technology companies and institutions. Against this background, the luxurious and noble image of Wilson Benesch speakers is even more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Like Wilson Benesch’s flagship Eminence, every part is a perfect demonstration of top-notch speakers. Recently, I also listened to Wilson Benesch’s second flagship Omnium pedestal speaker. It has transparent, natural, dynamic and first-class sound performance, as well as excellent cabinet craftsmanship.”

The full unedited PDF of SuperAV Magazine ‘s Omnium review can be downloaded here. (Chinese only)


The review is only available in Chinese, but using this link you can use Google Translate or Deepl to read a translation of the review.


To arrange a demonstration of the Omnium Loudspeaker, you can contact Wilson Benesch via our ‘Experience Wilson Benesch‘ page.

Alternatively contact your official Wilson Benesch importer using our official authorised reseller page.

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