Sorishop: Exclusive New Korean Importer

Wilson Benesch, Official Press Release, 24th June, 2019 – Sheffield, UK

Wilson Benesch today announces Sorishop as our official new distribution partner in South Korea. Sorishop will distribute Wilson Benesch products from across the companies lines, including ‘Precision Series’, reference loudspeaker line ‘Geometry Series’, the companies ‘HIFI Furniture & Accessories’ and the ‘Analogue Collection’.

Founded in 1989 and based in Sheffield, England, Wilson Benesch is a leading exporter of high performance, bespoke, high-tech audio products. The company pioneered the use of carbon fibre composites in audio design and manufacturing. Today, across Wilson Benesch’s product lines the company can be seen to exploit geometric forms and advanced materials technology to extract maximum performance, delivering the ultimate audio performance for home consumer users.


Wilson Benesch leverage a highly developed and streamlined internal engineering and manufacturing operation and combine this with collaborative partnerships that deliver next generation, technologically State-of-the-Art products. In late 2017, Wilson Benesch announced its latest collaborative R&D project as part of a €7.4-million European research initiative with 17 partners from Universities, SMEs and Industrial sectors. The R&D program aims to create new technologies based around bio-based polymers and natural fibre reinforcements that will allow future Wilson Benesch products to be greener and more sympathetic to the environment than ever before. In the same year, Wilson Benesch announced the ‘Resolution’ loudspeaker, which has gone on to become a multi award-winning design bestowed with ‘Golden Ear’ status by The Absolute Sound. In 2018, Wilson Benesch’s flagship loudspeaker ‘Eminence’ was announced. Just like its smaller sibling, the Eminence has been bestowed with critical acclaim globally. The design is one of the most advanced personal home audio loudspeakers ever conceived, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in high-end audio sound reproduction. But the Eminence not only represents leading edge loudspeaker design, it also represents a moment in time when Wilson Benesch implemented modern so-called ‘additive manufacturing’ technologies that are now being used in house at Wilson Benesch. Additive manufacturing is set to redefine the future of manufacturing and Wilson Benesch are at the forefront of this advancement. Wilson Benesch’s commitment to additive technologies and excellence in design have been further underlined with the recent announcement in May 2019 of the GMT One System turntable. The GMT One System features both polymer-carbon fibre and sintered titanium components that have been ‘grown’ additively by Wilson Benesch. The GMT One System represents a step change not only in terms of manufacturing, but also in terms of the patented OMEGA Drive System at its heart. Reported on by the HIFI press as one of “the most exciting introduction” at the Munich HIGH END, the GMT One System is set to become a statement product within the Sorishop product line-up when it becomes commercially available in the market in Q4 of 2019. Managing Director Christina Milnes added:

Christina Milnes

Managing Director, Wilson Benesch

“Wilson Benesch is delighted to announce our new partnership with Sorishop. Wilson Benesch works in partnership with only the finest audio importers in the industry, that exhibit the highest levels of professionalism, organisation, technical expertise and reputation. In this regard, Sorishop represents all the hallmarks of excellence that reflect that of our own brand. Sorishop also have the resources to launch, foster and develop the Wilson Benesch brand in the South Korean market. It is a new chapter and a new partnership that we are extremely proud to announce allowing our South Korean customers the opportunity to access all the new products right across our lineup, including the Precision Series loudspeakers, but also the award-winning reference designs such as Resolution and Eminence. We look forward to working with Sorishop closely into the future.”

Sorishop – Bringing Wilson Benesch to South Korea –

Sorishop had been selling HiFi Audio equipment and speaker systems as a retailer since 1999 and took over Dioplus, one of the most highly regarded distributors of HiFi Audio and speaker systems in the South Korean market in 2004. Without any physical joining under a mutual perception, both Sorishop and Dioplus had been doing business independently and organically as a retailer and a distributor. Meanwhile, 6 years ago, Sorishop opened the direct managed shop ‘Scheherazade’ in Chungdam which is located in the center of Seoul and started to import and distribute earphones, headphones and portable devices as a distributor. More recently, since 2018, Sorishop have been importing and distributing all HiFi audio equipment and speaker systems under the name of Sorishop as the representative company. Sales Director, Kwan-sup Lim added,

Kwan-sup Lim

Sales Director, Sorishop

 “It is a big honour for Sorishop to work with Wilson Benesch as the exclusive distributor in the Korea market. As the veteran of the HiFi audio and speaker system’s distribution for 20 years, we have a confidence to settle the Wilson Benesch brand in our market and build up the brand power of Wilson Benesch and form a long lasting partnership with Wilson Benesch. From the bottom of our 50 Sorishop members’ hearts, we are delighted to be working with Wilson Benesch! Thank you!”

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