Sound & Vision Bristol Show 2012

Wilson Benesch - Bristol Sound & Vision Show 2012
Wilson Benesch is one of the great success stories of British Audio design and manufacture. The companies “We can make it better than that” can do attitude has led to some of the most innovative design in audio over the last twenty years, and it all started with a record player and a grant from the D.T.I.

Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator

Wilson Benesch is globally recognised as the pioneer of advanced carbon fibre audio components. Stereosound Japan noted ten years ago that it was Wilson Benesch that first recognised the importance of the now ubiquitous sloping top geometry on the top of loudspeaker enclosures. The patented Torus Infrasonic Generator was described as a “Genius design” by The Absolute Sounds writer Jonathon Valin. A few of our favourite things that we will be celebrating this year as per usual, in the Conservatory.

Wilson Benesch Carbon Fiber

Wilson Benesch is about joined up design and manufacture that is driven by a passionate no compromise approach to component and product development. Manufacturing, design, management, research in short everything, exists under one roof in Sheffield South Yorkshire. This unique facility is a centre for innovation that has established collaborative links with with scientists and engineers across the UK. It is this capability that has won the company not one but three substantial grants that records £870,000 of research and development expenditure over the last eight years. It has also led to several studies by television programs and researchers looking to see how we do, what we do. The Discovery Channel recently covered the company on its ‘How Is It Made’ Program.

So come and join us in the Sound & Vision Conservatory or Wilson Benesch Glass House.

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Here’s a short film from last year. This video can be viewed in HD on our YouTube homepage.

Wilson Benesch at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show 2012