McLarens Carbon Fibre MonoCell: A Revolution in Super Car Design

Wilson Benesch - Carbon Fiber - McLaren-MP4-12c

Wilson Benesch Semisphere Tweeter

McLaren, like Wilson Benesch, is pioneering in every respect where the use of carbon fibre structures is concerned. The new McLaren MP4-12c as the McLaren F1 before it, employs carbon fibre extensively throughout the vehicle to minimise weight without compromising strength. The MP4-12C weighs 1,301 kg (2,868 lb) dry.

The MP4-12C chassis is based around an F1 style one-piece carbon fibre tub, called the Carbon MonoCell, weighing only 80 kg (176 lb). The MonoCell is made in a single RTM pressing by using a set of patented processes, using Bi-Axial and Tri-Axial carbon fibre multiaxial fabrics. The process is the same that Wilson Benesch uses to produce the key component in our cutting edge designs; the Advanced Composite Technology A.C.T. Monocoque found in the Odyssey Range, Wide Bandwidth Series and the latest Geometry Series. Unlike McLaren who outsource the MonoCell production, Wilson Benesch has invested in and developed our RTM system over the past 10-years.

The Future is Carbon!