Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2011

Sound and Vision Show Bristol 2011

Wilson Benesch would like to invite you to the exciting launch of a series of new loudspeaker designs. Meet and address your questions directly to the Directors, Christina Milnes and Craig Milnes.

The Geometry Series is the result of years of patient research and development. Unaccustomed as we are to launching new ranges every other year, you can be confident that this series of designs will be a significant improvement on what was previously possible.

The Odyssey Series, now in its tenth year of production, remains in place and will also be on display at this years show. The Geometry Series, represented by the Vertex and Vector will however, take centre stage. The Bristol Sound and Vision Show is the ideal venue and to mark this event the Design Director Craig Milnes will be making two special presentations. The Future is Carbon Presentations will focus on the innovative new technologies that are unique to the Geometry Series. There will also be an opportunity to engage with the science that underpins all Wilson Benesch design and witness some of the sophisticated manufacturing capability behind the unique technologies that reside within the company. The presentations will take place in the Conservatory on Friday and Saturday at 12:30.

Joining us in the largest and most vibrant room, The Conservatory, will be the multi award winning  cable designs manufactured by Clearer Audio. Darren Smith of Clearer Audio will be available throughout the event and available to answer any questions regarding cable choice.

Following on as before will be the multi award winning German amplifiers of Audionet. This year will see the global premier of the latest phono stage, the PAM G2 .

The Guest Amplifier this year  will be another outstanding valve design. We are extremely impressed by this beautifully built amplifier from Italy that has been kindly loaned to us from Jordan Acoustics. The Mastersound Evolution 845 integrated amplifier operates with Parallel Single Ended Dual Mono configuration with zero feedback and in pure class providing 55 watts per channel. It will be demonstrating in the most eloquent way possible just how easy to drive, the new high efficiency Geometry Series are.

Both systems will benefit from the classic Full Circle that remains one of the best value, advanced technology analogue replay systems available. The Discovery channel, (Program: How is it Made) has recently completed filming the manufacture of the Full Circle system, from raw material to playing product. We expect to see the program broadcast worldwide sometime later this year. We would like to thank the large number of people involved in the making of this film including Michael Hobson, founder of Classic Records who kindly provided the vinyl.


Location: Marriott City Centre Hotel, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD
Date: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th February 2011
Opening hours:
Friday from 10.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday from 10.00am to 5.00pm
Sunday from 10.00am to 5.00pm

Further information will be made available shortly.
The Future is Carbon