Germany – STEREO magazine – Review on A.C.T. C.60 L.E. by Matthias Bode

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C.60 Limited EditionAssistant Chief Editor, Matthias Bode, is one of the most passionate writers in Germany. He can often be seen at events across the whole of Germany, delivering demonstrations of technologies to the audio fraternity. Every where he goes he can always be seen attracting the crowds. It is with some pleasure therefore, to see how he has reacted to the A.C.T. C60 Limited Edition. “ACT Now!” is the opening caption of the review whose observations and remarks are supported by precise measurements. A principle finding in these measurements and listening tests is the speakers singularly outstanding ability when it comes to reproducing the fastest of transient response. This was a primary goal of the A.C.T. C60 design.

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The measure of charisma, intensity, edge-sharp illustration, delivered with absolute precision, is fascinating. How does the Wilson Benesch A.C.T C60 deliver all this? Uncompromising technology and processing from Wilson Benesch midrange to the ultrasonic Murata “sphere” Super Tweeter.

Hesitate at your peril, for you will miss one of the most exciting loudspeakers of recent years. With the A.C.T. C60, the British manufacturer Wilson Benesch sets new standards!

Craig Milnes, Wilson Benesch Design Director has long held the view that transient response is a critical concern in high performance audio reproduction. It has been the hallmark of all Wilson Benesch designs to date. This design goal has given rise to a number of unique development paths that clearly define Wilson Benesch loudspeakers and set them apart from every other loudspeaker in the world. Amongst some of the more notable innovations would be the Clamshell Isobaric or Composite Drive Unit that first appeared in the Bishop. In the Chimera (which superseded the Bishop) it can be seen to deliver the fastest low frequency response of any full frequency loudspeaker system in the world. In the Discovery, another unique design in itself, the Clamshell Isobaric can be seen to produce the most impressive low frequency extension from a relatively tiny enclosure. Moreover, the patented design, the Torus Infrasonic Generator that came out of another Government funded research project is also completely original. It is a design that demonstrates not only how the company is prepared to reject the status quo, but more importantly, prepared to take high risk innovative leaps forward.

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C60 Limited Edition

The same enthusiasm for new technologies that answer problems can be seen in the case of the Patented Murata piezo device. Following certain adaptions, this component was adopted by Wilson Benesch in 2006 and incorporated into Wilson Benesch designs as the Sphere. The Sphere not only demonstrates the importance of sound above 20KHz but also demonstrates that uncontrolled resonant energy above 20KHz should not be ignored. Sound above 20KHz is clearly perceptible, probably by unknown mechanisms that are currently outside our present understanding of human auditory perception.

Wide bandwidth sound is an important agenda that has been made relevant by new technologies that show that when reproduced in a controlled way, can make a significant contribution to the recreation of high quality sound reproduction. The contribution to the overall performance made by the Sphere is clearly demonstrated and often referred to by Matthias Bode in his review on the A.C.T. C60 Limted Edition.

The Sphere (The gold plated ceramic dome above the tweeter ) lays claim to providing a transient response that is the nearest thing possible to instantaneous. Its response capabilities are several orders of magnitude superior to any technology that relies upon a coil within a magnetic field. The Sphere may be exotic and expensive but it achieves what was previously impossible.