Germany – A.C.T. C.60 L.E. 3rd in Stereo Magazine Rankings

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C.60 LE Stereo Ranking
Another notable achievement.
Two Wilson Benesch designs with two completely different design objectives in the top five ranking of the influential German magazine STEREO. Also of some note is the age of the Chimera amongst the group. Approaching its tenth year in production, the design can easily claim to have stood the most difficult test, the test of time.

Right now are you considering buying a new car? Perhaps a nice Mercedes Benz C Class, VW Passat or a noble BMW 5-Series? Forget it! My advice would be to consider a car that costs a fraction of the amount. Why? Because you will need the money for a pair of speakers that are driving everybody crazy at the moment! Be it your colleges from work, audiophiles from the heart of the HiFi industry, even an Acoustic Engineer. The point remains, they all pay homage to the speaker of British manufacturer Wilson Benesch, the A.C.T. C 60 Limited Edition.