Taiwan – Taipei 101 – Exclusive Retail Complex – Currants Audio

The whole of Asia enjoys and invests in the very best in audio and has been importing Wilson Benesch designs since the very first turntable. We are delighted to be able to report on a very exclusive development that will bring our exclusive brand to even more peoples attention. Within the development of a new retail complex that is located within the prestigious Taipei 101 Tower. This exclusive studio is equipped to provide the very best facilities within a VIP environment. To mark the launch of this new facility Currants Audio have produced an impeccable brochure design that will form part of the introduction. This brochure is now available for download.

The file which is in Chinese, is quite large but can be downloaded by following this link that will take you to the Currants Audio web site.

Further updates on this important development in Taiwan will be reported to you as it comes available. We would like to wish Kun and his colleagues every success with the project and look forward to visiting in person in the near future.