Netherlands – Werner Ero Review on A.C.T. C.60

The latest review on the A.C.T. C.60 from Music Emotion is now available in the Netherlands. The P.D.F. can be downloaded here.

The review ends with a conclusion:~

“Wilson Benesch designer Craig Milnes takes a scientific approach in design. He wants to understand why things work the way they work and sound the way they sound. In his loudspeaker designs he aims at ultra-low coloration and resonance of the loudspeaker cabinet and his most recent design, the A.C.T. C60, is an impressive example of how close he is to meeting these goals almost to perfection. The A.C.T. C60 – with its dimensions that are acceptable for many livingrooms – is capable of on the one hand being very civilized, and on the other hand being able to show its extreme power with less coloration, enormous transparency at increased bandwidth. The A.C.T. C60 immediately enters the realm of the best, and above all, the most natural sounding loudspeakers available in this price range.”

Werner Ero in Music Emotion, November 2009

Netherlands - Werner Ero Review on A.C.T. C.60Netherlands - Werner Ero Review on A.C.T. C.60

Download the PDF here: