Tokyo International Audio Show Report 2013

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal - Carbon Fiber Loudspeaker - High End Speaker - Tokyo International Audio Show 2013 - Stella Inc.

Writing this show report from 36,000ft somewhere over Siberia makes for an exciting end to what has been a phenomenally successful journey to Asia. Set in the impressive Tokyo International Forum, designed by Raphael Vinoly, the Tokyo International Audio Show was more than a match for the stunning architecture as hundreds upon hundreds of high end audio enthusiasts flocked to the exhibition center.

Wilson Benesch recently announced the return to the Japanese market with Stella Inc. and in Tokyo the Cardinal high end loudspeaker was in the company of a multitude of State-of-the-Art high end audio components. Fronted by the reference grade components of TechDAS, Constellation Audio, CH Precision and Devialet, the Wilson Benesch Cardinal received praise across the board.

Wilson Benesch High End audio, Audiophile, Loudspeaker, Geometry Series, Vertex, Lanciano HIFI Show, Italy
Leading British and US reviewer Ken Kessler introduced the Cardinal for the main presentation, which included his fascinating lecture “Reviewing High End Audio Equipment”. This presentation was in combination with the Constellation Audio Hercules II 1000 watt per channel Monoblock power amplifiers and the Altair II Line Stage, with the TechDAS Air Force One Turntable and CH Precision D1 CD/SACD source.

The sound was superlative, the presentation by new distribution partner, Stella Inc. flawless and as a result the room was almost always completely full with more than 50 guests.

Further to the lightbox images below, which can be viewed by clicking on the image, there will be a number of short films appear on Wilson Benesch TV, to include Design Director Craig Milnes’ introduction of the Cardinal to Japan – now embed below these images.

Wilson Benesch - Tokyo International Audio Show 2013 - Devialet - Constellation Audio - TechDAS - CH Precision

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Stella-Inc. Launch Wilson Benesch in Japan

Wilson Benesch launch High End Cardinal Loudspeakers in AsiaFollowing the recent announcement of our new partnership in China with Forthwise, Wilson Benesch continues its expansion in Asia with the launch of an exclusive new distribution partnership with Japanese High End Audio distributors, Stella-Inc. Wilson Benesch Design Director, Craig Milnes added:

“It is an honour to be working with Japan’s premier importer of High End Audio. The two brands have a shared passion for music and the highest standards of precision engineering and innovation. Without a doubt, Japan has always set the bar very high when it comes to High End Audio and is recognised as one of the most demanding markets in terms of quality and service. With Stella-Inc. as our partners, we are in position to write an important new chapter for Wilson Benesch in Asia.”

For the first time since its launch in late 2012, the Cardinal will be demonstrated to the Japanese public at the Tokyo International Audio Show in November.

Date: Saturday 2nd – Monday 4th November 2013
Location: Tokyo International Audio Show 2013, Japan

Read Roy Gregory’s impressive Cardinal review for HIFI+ here.

To arrange a demonstration please contact Stella-Inc.

〒173-0026 東京都板橋区中丸町51-10
51-10 Nakamarucho,Itabashi-ku,

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Vertex in Sintonie HIFI Show 2013

Vertex Loudspeaker Wilson Benesch Carbon FibreWilson Benesch High End audio, Audiophile, Loudspeaker, Geometry Series, Vertex, Lanciano HIFI Show, Italy
Following last weekends stunning A.C.T. C60 demonstration alongside the Devialet 500 World Exclusive in Milan. The Geometry Series Vertex Loudspeaker is set to appear with the smaller Devialet 170 in Lanciano, Chieti, Italy.

The Lanciano HIFI Show is a unique platform upon which to run a HIFI Show, with only a select few high quality brands from around the world on demonstration. This year, on Saturday 19th October guests of the Sintonie HIFI Show will have the opportunity to attend the Enrico Rava Concert at the nearby Valeriano Hall.

In rooms less that 20-square meters… the Vertex is solo in her element… the latest high-tech products from Sheffield set the standard for purity and fineness of music playback.

Michael Vrzal, Image HIFI, Germany 2012

Date: Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October 2013
Location: Lanciano, Chieti, Italy

For further information about the show or to arrange a demonstration of the Vertex with ‘Mad For Music SAS’ please use the following links.

Mad For Music SAS
Via Marco Ulpio Traiano 53
20149 Milano (MI)
Tel: +39 02 327 2080
Fax: +39 3481883216

Sintonie HIFI Show website

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Square Series II – Square Two Review – Haute Fidelite, France

Wilson Benesch - Square Two - Square Series II - Haute Fidelite - Review

The Square Series II once again takes the plaudits from our neighbours in France, as the Square Two loudspeaker receives an excellent review in Haute Fidelite. Following his strong Square One review last year, Patrice Philippe now returns with a Square Two Tour de Force, commenting:

Perfectly manufactured, beautifully designed, integrating very high quality transducers, the Wilson Benesch Square Two speakers suit perfectly any home interior. They deliver a musical message with a surprisingly extended bass presentation and have the ability to be adapted to the tastes of the listener by simply altering their position…

Patrice Philippe, Haute Fidelite, France, 2013

Wilson Benesch Square Two, Series II, Audiophile, Manufacturing, Carbon Fiber, HIFI

The Square Series II was re-launched in 2012. Based on the highly successful original series, the Square Series II has been revamped with a raft of trickle down technologies, along with the addition of two new speakers to the range in the Square Three and more recently the Square Five.

The new Square Two includes the Tactic Drive Unit, along with carbon fibre ribs and visco-elastically bonded energy absorption pads of varied mass. The design modifications across the series were made with a clearly defined goal: to increase the bass performance of the Square Series II and improve the performance of the speaker when in free space, away from rear walls that have been traditionally used to reinforce bass performance. As ever Wilson Benesch made a clear statement about it’s design philosophy: the signal to noise ratio of the cabinet must remain as low as possible. The answer was the addition of the carbon fibre ribs and energy absorption pads to counter these problems.

With the Square Series II and the Square Two, the English brand achieves the feat of producing a large sound from a small cabinet volume.

Patrice Philippe, Haute Fidelite, France, 2013

We would like to thank our French distribution partners JFF Diffusion, Patrice Philippe and everyone at Haute Fidelite for the excellent review.

You can download the translated English version here: Haute Fidelite, Square Two, Series II Review (English).

For further information about the Square Two, Series II you can view the product page.

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The Audio Lounge Film Season

Wilson Benesch - Audio Lounge - London Dealer - West End - Cardinal - Carbon FiberCoinciding with the launch of the 57th BFI London Film Festival, Audio Lounge in partnership with Wilson Benesch would like to welcome you to the first in a series of events forming the ‘Audio Lounge Film Season’.

Guests on the evening will have the opportunity to experience some of the finest film scores ever recorded, all through the Wilson Benesch flagship loudspeaker, the Cardinal. To include the works of Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

The opening of the ‘Audio Lounge Film Season’ will also include an exhibition of extremely rare vintage movie posters supplied by ‘At The Movies’.

Come and share a glass of champagne with the Audio Lounge Managing Director, Ruth Phypers and Wilson Benesch Directors, Craig and Christina Milnes.

Date: Thursday 10th October
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: Audio Lounge, 138 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 3SG

For more information please refer to the Audio Lounge website:

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon
Wilson Benesch - Audio Lounge - London Dealer - West End - Cardinal - Carbon Fiber

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