Loudspeaker Workshop with HIFI Bamberg

German dealer HIFI Bamberg will welcome guests to their store for an in-house exhibition on the 19th November. Amongst other products, Wilson Benesch loudspeakers will be presented including the Resolution 3zero. Full details of the event are included below, along with a link directly to the HIFI Bamberg website to register for the event.

In-house exhibition on November 19, 2022

With demonstrations from the following manufacturers:

  • Dan D’Agostino
  • reed
  • soulnote
  • SpatialEurope
  • Wilson Benesh
  • appendix
  • Northeast
Workshop Highlights:
  • Presentation of the label “Sommelier Du Son”
  • How is a record made (from the recording to the finished LP)?
  • Sound Comparisons: Tape, cryogenically treated records, digital media
  • High quality electronics by Dan D’Agostino and Soulnote
  • Soulnote E-2 phono stage with Reed turntable
  • Loudspeakers by Wilson Benesch (Resolution 3zero), Mission and Spatial Europe
  • Northeast and Ansuz wiring


  • Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m


Workshop dates:
  • 11 clock
  • 13 o’clock
  • 3pm


Present next to the Hifi Bamberg team:
  • Birgit Hammer-Sommer and Dirk Sommer (Somelier du Son)
  • Maximilian Merk (Dan D’Agostino)
  • Tim Hoffmann (Wilson Benesch, Soulnote, Spatial Europe)
  • Andreis Staltmanis (Reed)



Please register via the HIFI Bamberg website using this link. https://event.hifi-bamberg.de/