EVENT: Munich HIGH END Show Preview 1/3

Wilson Benesch will return to the Munich HIGH END for the 2023 edition of the World’s largest and leading HIFI Show. Every year the Munich HIGH END draws around 20,000 visitors as industry professionals and customers come to Bavaria to see and hear the latest cutting edge audio technologies.


In this spirit, Wilson Benesch will curate an extraordinary presentation this year around the launch of the fully commercially available ‘GMT System One’ analogue replay system. It is with some pride that Wilson Benesch will be joined by equally pioneering companies to mark this auspicious occasion. It is within the partnership of Crystal Cable and Ypsilon Electronics that we aim to demonstrate the critical importance of synergy where the goal is the creation of a system that is capable of delivering a level of performance that is more than the sum of its parts.


Crystal Cable x Wilson Benesch x Ypsilon

Crystal Cable
Founded in 2004 by Gabi Rynveld a former professional international concert pianist. Gabi met her husband Edwin Rynveld – the CEO and Chief Engineer of both Crystal Cable and internationally renowned cable brand Siltech – Crystal Cable was born.


Crystal Cable established its brand through the introduction of slim, flexible and aesthetically pleasing cables that delivered superlative sound. At the time most high-end cables were quite large as it was widely thought that a certain cable size was necessary for optimal signal transfer. The introduction of Crystal Cable at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas left many astonished that so much power, transparency and speed could be delivered through thin and aesthetically pleasing cables.


After two decades of innovation in design, engineering and construction, Crystal Cable is known for delivering the highest quality cables, loudspeakers and electronics that blend seamlessly into your living room décor.


Crystal Cable will provide cabling for the Wilson Benesch GMT System One Turntable Launch at the Munich HIGH END 2023


Ypsilon Electronics was founded in 1995 by two sound engineers with extensive experience in the field of live music reproduction. With a background in electronics engineering and careers forged in setting up audio systems for live concerts, Demetris Baklavas and Fanis Lagadinos set out to develop audio equipment that could reproduce music in a way that is true to the original recording.


Key to this vision was the realisation that their designs had to be uncompromising in their ability to communicate the real essence of music… emotion!

Their quest to push the limits of musical reproduction led them on a long journey of evaluating nearly all available technologies, components and circuit designs, a journey that led to the development and integration of transformers in their amplification circuits. They realised that by using high quality transformers as coupling devices it was possible to overcome the performance limitations in an amplification stage, whether it’s a solid stage or valve design.


Ypsilon now wind their own transformers in-house, often from the highest purity silver available and each transformer is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each design. Demetris implements the simplest possible circuit design for a given task and believes that single-ended class A operation offers the most transparent and musically complete sonic performance.


This design approach is unique in the World of high-end audio. Despite the high cost of implementing custom made pure silver transformers, nanocrystalline cores, pure silver wiring and ultimate level componentry, the result is a sound quality that has re-defined expectations about what is possible in sound reproduction.

Ypsilon will provide the electronics for the Wilson Benesch GMT System One Launch at the Munich HIGH END 2023

The GMT System One
Since the announcement of the ‘Mondrian Research Project‘ in 2008, Wilson Benesch has been developing a unique full system approach to analogue replay. If a design and manufacturer is to be judged upon its commitment to innovation and pure research, few if any products can be seen to demonstrate a dedication to these criteria than the GMT System One. Developed through almost 15-years, with collaborative partnerships across the UK and Europe, the multiple sub systems that comprise the GMT One System will be presented and demonstrated live for the first time as a commercially available product at the Munich HIGH END 2023.


Through the GMT System One, Wilson Benesch will demonstrate the virtues of a whole system approach to analogue replay that will set a new benchmark and reference for the reproduction of the recorded arts through the medium of vinyl. Introducing multiple individual sub-systems that have been developed from the ground up by the GMT Consortium led by Wilson Benesch, visitors to our demonstration will have the opportunity to experience and listen to the GMT System One, including its tonearm wands, cartridges and the turntable. But visitors will also have the opportunity to observe the remote controlled Piezo VTA-System, OMEGA Motor Drive, ALPHA Isolation System and the dedicated R1 Rack system that have all been developed and manufactured by Wilson Benesch through the GMT Consortium.


This is the first in a trilogy of previews ahead of the Munich HIGH END that will open its doors in 18-days time. Join us next week for our next preview, which will introduce the complete system architecture for our demonstration, plus some previews of the unique products that comprise the GMT One System.


Event Information
– Wilson Benesch Demonstration Room: E225, Atrium 4.2
– Location: MOC Event Center Messe München, Lilienthalallee 40, 80939, München, Germany
– Dates: 18 – 21 May, 2023
– Opening Hours
– Thursday: 10:00am to 6:00pm
– Friday: 10:00am to 6:00pm
– Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm
– Sunday: 10:00am to 4:00pm
– Tickets: Official Munich HIGH End website here.


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