REVIEW: Resolution 3zero, FIDELITY Magazine

Leading German HIFI journal FIDELITY Magazine has published a review of our new Resolution 3zero loudspeaker. FIDELITY bestowed upon the Resolution 3zero a ‘HIGHLIGHT’ with Carsten Barnbeck reporting.

Launched in April 2022, the Fibonacci Series represents the cutting edge of Wilson Benesch loudspeaker design. The new Fibonacci Series is built around the latest generation A.C.T. 3zero biocomposite monocoque enclosure. It is fitted with Tactic 3.0 dynamic drive units and the Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybrid Tweeter. 


Carsten Barnbeck has now completed the premiere review of the Resolution 3zero, Carsten comments;

Carsten Barnbeck

FIDELITY Magazine, Germany

“I began with the eponymous title track of Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker (via Qobuz) – and was stunned the very next moment. The first notes of snarling bass penetrated the room in volumes and as black as night. As usual, the poet’s voice projected into center stage sounding larger than life and vivid, announcing its message with resonance and delicate nuance. But what captivated me most was not its directness and attention to detail, nor the delightfully intense colors of the performance, but its breath taking reproduction.”

“Their ability to reproduce stages with the utmost vividness in virtually endless width and depth immediately ranked among the most impressive performances I’ve ever experienced.”

Wilson Benesch design and manufacture the Resolution 3zero entirely on site in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The company has consistently re-invested profits in manufacturing technology. As a direct result the company today operates a fleet of CNCs within its machine suite, along with all carbon fibre and biocomposite manufacturing systems to include a State-of-the-Art Vacuum Resin Transfer Moulding (VRTM) system that creates the new biocomposite A.C.T. 3zero Monocoque that is at the centre of all Fibonacci Series products. In addition the company designs and builds every drive unit that it fits across its two loudspeaker lines. The fact that the company creates all the components that form a Wilson Benesch product means that the company has the  freedom and total control to design and manufacture at the cutting edge of high end audio design – class leading in every way.

Carsten Barnbeck

FIDELITY Magazine, Germany

“In the Resolution 3zero, Wilson Benesch combines technical sophistication, materials and manufacturing tolerances that would be more likely found in aerospace engineering. The speakers, developed and manufactured entirely in the UK, offer top-notch design and build quality. The sound is undisputed…”

Read Carsten Barnbeck’s Resolution 3zero product review in full now via the links below. 


English Language translated professionally by FIDELITY Magazine: READ ME.