A.C.T. 3zero British Launch, The Bristol Show

Wilson Benesch will return to The Bristol Show in 2023, presenting for the first time to the British public the ‘A.C.T. 3zero’ loudspeaker from the company’s new reference loudspeaker line, the ‘Fibonacci Series’. The Bristol Show will take place on 24th – 26th February 2023 – the exhibit marks the return of the UK’s premier HIFI exhibition following a 3-year pandemic-induced hiatus.


Three years is a long time, but Wilson Benesch used this time productively, driving forward with pioneering research and development in new materials technology and drive unit technology development. In 2022 the final results of a 4.5-year research and development project entitled the ‘SSUCHY Project’ were published in the public domain. As a collaborative partner in a pan-European project, Wilson Benesch announced the introduction of next-generation biocomposite materials technology. The new materials developed under the SSUCHY Project form the A.C.T. 3Zero Monocoque, the largest component within the new reference loudspeaker line that Wilson Benesch subsequently launched in February 2022. The new A.C.T. 3zero Biocomposite Monocoque replaces the previous generation carbon fibre monocoque with natural materials which are sustainably sourced. Wilson Benesch is one of the world’s leading high-end audio designers and manufacturers; the new A.C.T. 3zero Biocomposite monocoque is superior in terms of both stiffness and damping to the A.C.T. Monocoque that it replaced. Visitors to The Bristol Show will be fortunate enough to listen to the A.C.T. 3zero for the first time in any public demonstration on British soil. In addition, Wilson Benesch will present some of the new core technologies and intellectual property developed in the new Fibonacci Series.


Wilson Benesch will be located at The Bristol Show within the 1st floor Conservatory – the same exhibition space the British brand has occupied for over 20 years. As a global brand, Wilson Benesch exhibits on a worldwide stage. The Bristol Show has provided a platform for Wilson Benesch to present new leading audio technologies from across the globe; names from past exhibits include Siltech, MasterSound, KR Audio, DS Audio, CH Precision, NuPrime and Chord, to name but a few. This year will be no exception; Wilson Benesch will partner its A.C.T. 3zero with reference electronics from another global leader in high-end audio. Further details about the complete setup of The Bristol Show will follow in our next blog about The Bristol Show in February.


Tickets for The Bristol Show can be purchased now via the official show website.


The Bristol Show

Friday 24th February – Sunday 26th February 2023

10.00 – 17.00 Daily

The Marriott Bristol City Hotel, 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol.


EVENT: The Bristol Show 2024

DISCOVER DISCOVERY 3ZERO Wilson Benesch will return to The Bristol Show – the UKs leading audio exhibit – marking the British design and manufacturers 35th


35th Anniversary Year

Wilson Benesch Ltd. was founded in 1989 and quickly established the brand within the global high end audio industry with its first product, a turntable,