The Bristol Show 2019

Wilson Benesch’s first event of 2019 has arrived. The Bristol Show has become the home of HIFI in the UK and it has become a special event within the companies exhaustive tour of exhibits globally. Often used as a launch site for new products in the Wilson Benesch line, 2019 is no different. Wilson Benesch are thrilled to share our new Precision Series at this years ‘The Bristol Show’.

Precision Series

Having debuted the P3.0 loudspeaker in November at a private event in Berlin, Wilson Benesch will finally unveil the whole Precision Series lineup in Bristol. The new line is comprised of three models. The P1.0 is a compact standmount design, that is joined by two floorstanding designs, P2.0 and P3.0.


Contemporary in style the Precision Series features the companies latest generation drive technologies. Midrange and bass Tactic-II drive units are taken directly from the same shelf as the multi-award-winning reference line ‘Geometry Series’. Whilst the tweeter, features the Fibonacci Element derived from the companies flagship loudspeaker, Eminence in a soft-dome variant.


Further evidence of the trickle-down technologies that the Precision Series benefits from can be seen in the drive unit topologies in the line. The Troika System that was developed for the Cardinal loudspeaker and subsequently used in the A.C.T. One Evolution is seen in both P2.0 and P3.0 models.

Celebrating 30-Years

2019 also marks a very special occasion for Wilson Benesch. Having been founded in 1989 in Sheffield England, 2019 marks the companies 30th Anniversary.


Having founded the company with the original Wilson Benesch Turntable. A design that introduced both the world’s first Hybridised Carbon Fibre – Nomex sub-chassis and a tapered tubular Carbon Fibre tonearm. These technologies represented a remarkable achievement in the combination of aerospace materials technology and product design, especially given the year and the fact Wilson Benesch was a fledgeling privately owned business startup. The Wilson Benesch Turntable was a great success, securing major product awards across the globe and securing the long-term future of the company. The design went on to become something of a high-end audio classic design, highly sought by collectors worldwide.


So in special celebration of our 30th Anniversary, we will be using the original Wilson Benesch Turntable throughout ‘The Bristol Show’. Partnered with the CH Precision I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier this will be the first public display of the turntable in over 20-years.


Join us in the Conservatory – 1st-floor for a celebration of high-end audio. 


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For more information please see the ‘Sound & Vision’ Bristol Show website.


EVENT: The Bristol Show 2024

DISCOVER DISCOVERY 3ZERO Wilson Benesch will return to The Bristol Show – the UKs leading audio exhibit – marking the British design and manufacturers 35th


35th Anniversary Year

Wilson Benesch Ltd. was founded in 1989 and quickly established the brand within the global high end audio industry with its first product, a turntable,