Hyvinkää Highend Expo – Finland

Wilson Benesch High End audio, Audiophile, Loudspeaker, Geometry Series, Vertex, Hyvinkää, Highend Expo, Finland
Finnish distributor Sound Gallery will demonstrate the Vertex at the upcoming Highend Expo in Hyvinkää, Finland.

The Vertex represents the latest standmount developed by Wilson Benesch. Like all it’s siblings in the Geometry Series, the design benefits from Tactic-II advanced drive unit technology and the radical WB-Semisphere Tweeter.

Arguably the design represents the most advanced standmount design available in it’s price point. – a speaker which has some of the same drive technology found in the new Wilson Benesch flagship, the Cardinal. This is due to the advanced composite technologies employed in the Geometry Series. Alan Sircom, Editor in Chief – HiFi Plus, recently commented in the Vertex review:

From the 1960s, brands like KEF and Bowers & Wilkins pioneered the use of new materials in drive unit technology, but arguably no company pushes the envelope of materials science these days quite like Wilson Benesch

Experience the sound of Wilson Benesch’s Geometry Series for yourself, with our partners Sound Gallery.

For more information see the product page.

For the HiFi+ Review you can download the PDF here.

Location: Highend Expo, Hyvinkää, Finland
Date: Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th September 2012
More info: Sound Gallery Finland

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