HiFi Messen – Horten – Norway

Wilson Benesch High End audio, Audiophile, Loudspeaker, Square Series II, Square Three, HiFi Messen Exhibition, Horten, Norway
Norwegian distributor Pilar Audio will demonstrate the all New Square Series II at the upcoming HiFi Messen Show in Horten, Norway.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the latest addition to the revised Square Series in the shape of the Square Three.

The Square Three is a floorstanding, 2.5-way design, offering up a mid-range and bass Tactic Drive Unit. The new design benefits from additional damping in the shape of Carbon Fibre ‘ribs’ and visco-elastically bonded critical mass damping pads, which lower the noise floor of the Square Three cabinet even further.

Experience the sound of Wilson Benesch’s new entry line for yourself.

Square Series II
Square Three Loudspeaker

Location: HiFi Messen, Best Western Horten Hotel, Horten, Norway
Date: Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th September 2012
More info: Eric Finsas, Pilar Audio

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