Hi-Fi Choice ‘The Insider’ Wilson Benesch Company Profile

Wilson Benesch Cardinal Baffle

Earlier this year Wilson Benesch opened it’s doors to Hi-Fi Choice Editor in Chief, David Price for a tour of our Headquarters in Sheffield, England. What followed was this excellent report in the pages of Hi-Fi Choice, nestled in the regular section readers will know well as ‘The Insider’.

David was given a full tour of the Headquarters, seeing all stages of Manufacture and Production. From the very raw materials themselves, through a series of complex CNC Machine’s in Wilson Beneschs’ in-house Machine Suite to the racks of components this suite turns out daily. David was able to handle the smallest components such as the spikes in a Curve or ACT foot or the motor backplate in the new Tactic II Drive Unit or Semisphere Tweeter, or grasp the huge mass that is the new flagship Cardinal baffle weighing in at 30+ Kg.

Some hi-fi companies make do with a man in a box room with a screwdriver, hacksaw and a bit of four by two. Not so here, though. The company has invested vast sums in researching different ways to do things, and different materials to do them with. Indeed Wilson Benesch’s whole story is dominated by its work with novel, often exotic materials. ~ David Price, HiFi Choice Editor, April 2012

But of course that would only be half the story. Producing some of the finest loudspeakers in the world requires a meticulous and expertly trained production team to hand build each product. David met with some of our head technicians in the Loudspeaker and Analogue production facilities and see first hand the pride and passion with which our technicians build the products that you or I, recognise as a Wilson Benesch Loudspeaker or Turntable. Wilson Benesch Chimera Hand Built

Design things that are intrinsically right, build them beautifully and trust that discerning people want to buy them. It’s a tough and tortuous path to take, one with many twists and turns. I think you can guess which path Wilson Benesch chose…

Finally David and the company Directors, Craig Milnes and Christina Milnes spent a hour or so in the Wilson Benesch demonstration room listening to the new Geometry Series Vector Loudspeaker. It was an enjoyable day and we would like to take this opportunity to thank David and all the team at HiFi Choice for such an excellent company profile.

Every Wilson Benesch product I’ve heard presents music with startling clarity. It comes at you with blistering speed from a velvety-black backdrop. Dynamics are incredible and the detailing always surprises and delights. Now, having visited the company, met the people and taken a closer look at the materials and processes used, I can see why. ~ David Price, HiFi Choice Editor, April 2012

We hope that you all enjoy this little insight into what it is and how it is we do, what we do. The Insider, Hi-Fi Choice Company Profile, David Price, Editor, April 2012.

Christina Milnes,
Managing Director
Wilson Benesch Ltd. – Built For You