Taiwan – Currants Audio Open Luxurious Hi-End Showroom

Wilson Benesch Hi-End Audio Analogue Loudspeakers HIFI

Our long term Taiwanese distribution partners Currants Audio today unveiled a new luxurious Hi-End Showroom. Located in the city of Taichung, West-Central Taiwan.

The new Currants Audio demonstration room will bring customers an unrivaled demonstration facility complete with a full compliment of Hi-End Wilson Benesch Loudspeakers and Analogue products. Kun-Yi, Managing Director of Currants Audio currently has on live demonstration, Chimera Loudspeakers, A.C.T.C60 Loudspeakers, the Torus Infrasonic Generator and the new Geometry Series Vector Loudspeakers.

A short slideshow of the new showroom can be viewed by selecting the image below.
Wilson Benesch Loudspeakers in Luxury Hi-End Showroom Taiwan