Norway – Full Circle Review by – Trond Torgnesskar – Fidelity Magazine Norway.

Wilson Benesch, Full Circle, Carbon Fiber, Analogue, Tonearm, Speakers, Home Audio

Wilson Benesch, Full Circle, Carbon Fiber, Analogue, Speakers, Home Audio, Discovery Channel

The Test of Time. Wilson Benesch products are all based upon classic design principles that really are timeless. The product catalogue bears testimony to this, with more than half the products now well into their second decade of production! The Full Circle is just one of these remarkable products.

Global Critical Acclaim. Consistent reviews across the world is another major test and represents a real endorsement of a products quality. Hot on the heals of the superb review by Haute Fidelite, France and the documentary by the Canadian based Discovery Channel comes the positively glowing review from Norway. This may well be a 13 year old design but as you will read, “it shows the competition the door.”

“The undisputed master of this price point is a thirteen year old classic that once again has shown the competition the door. A future classic, and ‘The LP 12 of our time’ to put it into context. If you are looking for a really serious turntable, I know of no better in this price range or a few steps above. Highly recommended.”

“Do most of us really need a turntable any better than this?” I am dangerously close to saying “No”.

You can find the full unedited review here on our reviews page, along with the English translation which Trond was kind enough to provide us with.

Naturally we are delighted with the review and would like to extend our gratitude to Trond Torgnesskar and the team at Fidelity Magazine in Norway.

Further information about the Full Circle and all our analogue components can be found in our product pages here.

The Full Circle Turntable as setup in the review (Circle Turntable, ACT 0.5 Tone Arm & Ply Cartridge retails in the UK at £2,795. For more information about where you can purchase or demonstrate the product please see our UK Dealers and Worldwide Distribution pages.

Wilson Benesch, Full Circle, Carbon Fiber, Nanotube Tonearm, Analogue, Speakers, Home Audio, Discovery Channel

The ‘How It’s Made’ series is a long running production on Discovery’s Science Channel. The program presents the steps involved in the entire process of manufacturing. Wilson Benesch are delighted to be able to share with our audience the processes involved in manufacturing the Full Circle including the tonearm.