Wilson Benesch Mondrian Project Report, M-4

Following from Mondrian project M-3 this report provides a glimpse into the world of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield. The Castings Technology International Centre houses amongst other things the most advanced and largest Titanium melting furnaces in the world, however it is the Rapid Prototyping capability that is of particular interest in this film that was made almost a year ago.

Stereolithography is essentially a printing machine that takes a three dimensional CAD drawing and then grows the component from liquid resin. In this film Design Director Craig Milnes endeavors to explain the technology and how it is being used to produce highly optimised components that would be inconceivable otherwise. The platter that was the focus of previous reports was grown in this machine.

These advanced manufacturing technologies not only enable previously impossible structures they foster new design approaches that are influenced more than ever by the ultimate structures, found only in nature. These natural forms are efficient, elegant and see zero material redundancy. Needless to say these early concepts of the tonearm and the main chassis are already redundant but are fascinating never the less. We hope you enjoy this film as much as we do.