Wilson Benesch Semisphere Tweeter

The Semisphere comes out of one of the longest developments in the companies history, dating back to the first drive unit ten years ago. It has grown slowly out of everything that we have learned from the best tweeters in the world, including the remarkable Piezo tweeter sourced from Murata, the Sphere.

The Semisphere takes its starting point from soft dome technologies, where damping guarantees that the sound will remain clean and notable, without sounding hard or tiresome after a short period of listening. In every way the character is both natural and convincing.

Transient response characteristics are absolutely outstanding, thanks to the advanced materials technologies and their extremely low mass, that is almost one third that of the previous tweeter that it supersedes.

The dome is driven by one of the most powerful rare earth motor systems in the world. Careful attention to air flow, sees venting at both the side of the coil and rear, allowing any unwanted energy to pass unhindered into the huge silencing chamber.

The high mass of the system which is bolted to the alloy baffle ensures that the first resonance of the structure is close to 6000 Hertz. The tweeter alone weighs over a Kilogramme, but when coupled at high pressure to the poly alloy cabinet, the mass is huge, exerting a level of control over the sound of the tweeter that is beyond compromise.