A.C.T. C60

Wilson Benesch ACT C60 Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch ACT C60 Glyph PlateThe A.C.T. C60 is a celebration of the original A.C.T. design, that preceded it fifteen years ago. The design documents a development path that is a logical sequence of steps towards the unobtainable – perfection.

The C60 is also a benchmark for the companies extensive manufacturing capability, and can be seen as a masterclass in modern engineering. The design elements are the end result of years of work and incorporate a broad range of exclusive technologies. The design represents a significant new chapter of development that is, as you would expect completely unique.

The A.C.T. C60 can lay claim to the best signal to noise ratio of all the Wilson Benesch loudspeakers and it follows that you, as the listener will be in the privileged position of enjoying the nearest thing to the ideal transducer. This is attributable to the relatively small cabinet architecture and the advanced materials technologies from which it has been assembled.

The measure of charisma, intensity, edge-sharp illustration, delivered with absolute precision, is fascinating. How does the Wilson Benesch A.C.T C60 deliver all this? Uncompromising technology and processing from Wilson Benesch midrange to the ultrasonic Murata “sphere” Super Tweeter.

Matthais Bode, Stereo Magazine, 2010, Germany

The A.C.T. design has evolved over 15 years to its current version and is testimony to the passionate pursuit of technological excellence that the brand is known and admired for throughout the world. The original design collected a number of awards in the first year and its successor was awarded 1st place in the prestigious Stereoplay Grand Prix in Japan.

When combined with the Torus, the A.C.T. C60 system is quite formidable, one that will sincerely reproduce the ambisonics of the church and the transient response of timpani like no other loudspeaker.

Hesitate at your peril, for you will miss one of the most exciting loudspeakers of recent years. With the A.C.T. C60, the British manufacturer Wilson Benesch sets new standards!

Matthais Bode, Stereo Magazine, 2010, Germany

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