A.C.T. C60 Limited Edition

Wilson Benesch ACT C60 Limited Edition Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch ACT C60 Glyph PlateThe A.C.T. C60 Limited Edition from Wilson Benesch, where passion and technology meet. Designed without compromise this unique 61 pair Limited Edition puts the listener in the front row like no loudspeaker product before it.

The A.C.T. C.60 Limited Edition is a pure thoroughbred. Building upon the C60, the LE design offers the Wilson Benesch owner the ultimate in prestige. Each pair meticulously built by hand, finished in one of our LE finishes, complete with a LE Serial Plate.

In order to say the final word I get a deep breath, lean quite far out the window and say: This is a sensational speaker, the best I’ve ever had in my home!

Michael Vrzal, Image HiFi, Issue 102, 2011, Germany

A culmination of all our research, the evolution of the A.C.T. lineage continues. The original A.C.T One showed the world a fresh approach to loudspeaker development revolutionising both design and manufacturing techniques with the C60 we stride ahead once more transporting the music lover in to the heart of the recording; you hear only what the artist intended, nothing superfluous is added and no detail is lost.

When combined with the Torus, the A.C.T. C60 system is quite formidable, one that will sincerely reproduce the ambisonics of the church and the transient response of timpani like no other loudspeaker.

Right now are you considering buying a new car? Perhaps a nice Mercedes Benz C Class, VW Passat or a noble BMW 5-Series? Forget it! My advice would be to consider a car that costs a fraction of the amount. Why? Because you will need the money for a pair of speakers that are driving everybody crazy at the moment! Be it your colleges from work, audiophiles from the heart of the HiFi industry, even an Acoustic Engineer. The point remains, they all pay homage to the speaker of British manufacturer Wilson Benesch, the A.C.T. C 60 Limited Edition.

Matthais Bode, Stereo Magazine, 2010, Germany